To the days of Scouting. Episode exercises

The Day of the scout.  Episode exercisesWe just "conquered" Army doctrine in his own 20th Army, as we "offered" to take part in military exercises Dresden army. Task — KP "blue." What the manual, I do not remember, honestly.

A squad consisting of 2-reconnaissance assault teams. Someone decided — "infiltration" The Day of the scout.  Episode exercises in a pedestrian. There's a map for about 100 km. it was, but what to do. Come on.

In the area of reconnaissance was full of pee-toe — troops at every turn! So tightly that barely dodging. Made this decision — one group goes "battering ram", the second — for her. Radio operators identified in a separate subgroup, the relationship with her — on VHF.

And now — the pinnacle! We go on an animal trail, meet — deer. Animals are not reversed, and went off the trail into the woods. We, as a "deer", continued to move along the path. I do not know that we have stuck, but that's gone. Meet — search group The "enemy" with a mediator. Infantry platoon in fact. The mediator is gratifying, "read the law," we got caught. If he did not, we would have gone, but it was not welcomed GSVG some reason.

Thus, group in captivity. We are led to the CP. KP — a "Ural" and KAMAZ trucks with military truck. Having escaped a lot of people — look at the commandos, even a major-general has come — once you drive with the 20th Army, that we have as suckers … Report of the "up" of the capture of the group. All around gratifying and happy.

And here is the answer — the coordinates of CP group handed. What is it, how so? It was necessary to build them … face!) Going for us the second group All beheld, came over and told us the coordinates of radio group, which referred them to the Center.

2nd group "Gave more heat," taking "John", and later worked as a "forward air" (relatively, of course). Evaluation — "excellent." Gifts, etc. We were on the side of the "Reds", they are "overpowered".

It seems primitive, yes. But in the density of troops in another way — in any way. The right solution — the key of success. Although the exercise, even for war. Exploration success — success forces.

Congratulations, exploration!

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