To the dilemma of national unity. On the parallels between with 2 unrest

The problems of national unity.  On the parallels between the two unrest

On the old days I was invited to a seminar "The 400th anniversary of overcoming turmoil as an event of national importance", organized by the Global Russian People's Council (WRPC) and the Center for Social-Conservative Policy (CSCP). Beginning with a discussion of the historical dates and formats anniversary celebration, discussion — and this is logical — is rapidly deserting to the days of the parallels with the present.

Parallels of these turned out to be not the most joyful. Thus, historians recalled that the main interests of the people as traitors were then the most distinguished and wealthy families of the country. Well, the wording in any given "summary" of the historical database prazdnichka — the militia came to Moscow and thrown Western occupiers and know the sales of the Kremlin — can cause the Russians are not the most relevant associations …

But the most pressing issue in the discussion was very unity current of. Part of professionals was convinced that no need to panic, no "New Troubles" no chain of command in there, and no split in the society is not there — say, whole it is only in the "internets", the press and the political coterie. A prazdnichkom in the consciousness of people to implement technological methods. Brightest events reenactors, a military parade on the Red Square, the festival is the role of all the peoples of Russian Federation and so on …

But not everyone was so optimistic, and I among them. According to the views of the pessimists, there is no unity. At least since the country where the gap between the most affluent and the poorest, according to unofficial estimates, is in the big cities of 30-40 times (decile coefficient), and in Russia in general, almost 80 times (while in Europe countries, the number is actually lower than an order of magnitude), there can be no peace and no social cohesion. As aptly noted one of the speakers, "it is good that the oligarch Abramovich as Prince Dmitry Pozharsky embraced by a bum, demonstrating a" popular unity"But on any TV channels such frame we will never see."

At least some village realize that segodnyaschy "elite" his position had no right of origin (many now warm the soul and the idea of nobility as faultless servant of his country, but particularly troubled times of the 17th century perfectly revealed how "patriotic" can be no such elite ), not because of the unique qualities and entrepreneurial business-talents, and not because of awards to the country. And because of that "civil consensus" between population, business and bureaucratic apparatus of power there is not expected. Moreover, as figuratively read one of my friends entrepreneur in this triangle all hate everyone. People can not stand business and officials for having stolen and richer business — People, for the fact that he "passive cattle", and officials — for being "strangled" with their extortions and kickbacks, well and bureaucrats — all for the fact that they allow themselves to stammer about their rights.

Although in fact things that can connect all (except the only completely insane and outright real concerned), there is. It is surprising, and it does not seem to be contradicted structurally different political positions.

This is the real fight against corruption, technological development, without renaming, but the real reform of law enforcement. And further on the list.

There are real irreconcilable differences — in political views, economic models, cultural reference points. Neoliberal not obymetsya with Communist and monarchist — with both of them. But "the internal opposition" to the state of ordinary people, not the prof opposition pushes not politics, but the problems not being pragmatic issues that can, and has long been able to be resolved. And again — the extent of "pilezha" and "development", which nobody even hides. And that all Russians, even without the ability to audit the Olympic construction projects, sees every day at least in the unending asphalting already paved.

Against this background, no prazdnichkom and parades in honor of the anniversaries of unity will not add.

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