Treasury of Russian Empire

The treasury of the Russian EmpireBefore the Russian Revolution of 1917, Treasury had no small of supplies of gold, which totaled 1,337 tons. All countries of the world not only inferior to the Russian Federation for these indicators, but not even close to standing. But for kutsee time almost the entire treasury was looted. Some of those who managed to capture a little bit of a big Russian gold, were prisoners of war from the Czech Republic, which were going to send them to their native places through the city of Vladivostok. In Russia after the October Revolution was going on a complete mess and confusion that were into the hands of Czech prisoners of war. Comfortable and bright, they managed to unite with the forces of the Russian Admiral Kolchak. Together with them, they produced the seizure levels that were transported from Kazan royal gold. The Bolsheviks, of course, were able to win them back, but lost it all when 27 cars with gold.

So Makarov Czech prisoners of war were able to increment the treasury's own native country 63 million gold rubles Nicholas (nowadays one ruble is equal to that of $ 45.2). Czech Republic significantly enriched at the expense of the stolen funds from the Russian treasury. These funds were created very large financial institution in the European countries until about 1945 — Legio Bank. These same tools have been built autos "Tatra" and "Skoda".

Japan, the Kuril Islands, which regarded his own property and demanded the return of the Russian Federation has also been enriched by Russian treasury. The crust of the rising sun is not known for its wealth, but, despite this, Japan was able to take a place in the top five of favorite in the development of the world. Many economists Western nations suspect that Japan was able to achieve such provisions are not only due diligence of their own people, and particularly due to Nicholas gold rubles. In 1914, the reigning at the time of Nicholas II gave the indication to send 200 tons of gold to Japan in order to pay the Japanese guns needed for military operations against the Germans. But no guns, no guns in Japan have not been delivered to Russia. From that time began frisky prosperity Land of the Rising Sun, one of the characteristics of this was the emergence of many new banks.

In time Civilian war White Guard generals gave the deposit inhabitants of the country of the rising sun gold, much of which was later refunded. To have survived the documents that justify the fact that Japanese citizens have used this gold business, having the commercial nature. Approximate earnings from such commercial operations brought Land of the Rising Sun from 1927 to 1945 year once a year 1,000,000,000 yen.

March 3, 1918 between Russia and Germany signed the Brest-Litovsk contract which was an ordinary commercial transaction carried out on the initiative of Lenin. In the conditions of the contract stated that as compensation Our homeland gives Germany the Baltic States and Poland, which were listed earlier in the Russian Empire, and considerable part of Belarus, the Caucasus and Ukraine. Also had to pay an indemnity to be paid in Germany of 6 billion marks, which was to compensate for the harm caused to the country from harm. Lenin gave the indication to send 4-tier royal gold Vaterland, but managed to send only two to bolshennomu happiness of. After the victory in World War II said the contract was canceled. Although sending reparations Germany was stopped at the limit yet had time to come to 93,535 kg of Russian gold. This batch of funds appropriated in France as a war trophy, but indicated that the gold will be taken only of the deposit should be returned to his homeland. But later, the French managed to rework the status of Russian gold in German, claiming that it was conveyed to them by Germany on account of the coming of harm caused such a way providing for the ability to throw money in France. Japan and France have refused to return the stolen goods in time Civilian war gold, it is understandable, because the return would have had a large amount of money (10's billion dollars).

After the war ended in civilian clothes, considerable savings treasury of gold were in Russian diplomats in foreign accounts, and who then were transferred back to Russia. According to research by 1920, these funds accounted for about 60 million dollars, and, in our time, this amounted to more than 1 million dollars. Clarification of the legal circumstances of each case to return the money of the tax credit is stopped, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation does not contribute to the restoration of the procedure, but instead lets her conduct.

Not only in the case of purchase from the Land of the Rising Sun guns Our homeland has not received any military unit, with all this by paying everything. Also came to the United States, France and London. From 1914 to 1917 our motherland sent to the banks of these countries gold at a rate of 500 tonnes on payment instruments, which then she never received. But no one has returned and is not going to return stolen from the Russian Federation gold, although we must be.

October 25, 1917 in Sweden sent nearly five million gold rubles as payment for weapons. There is evidence that gold and so far is stored in the Riksbank, although the Swedes deny this fact.

For the realization of the return of the royal gold home to skillfully and with a tremendous desire to get at it. Even something as tiny as the Lithuanian Republic Government failed to return what was stolen from them during the war years (3.2 tons of gold), and resided in the banks in France and the UK. Albania was also able to recover not only their money, and the interest on their implementation (interest amounted to 4 billion dollars).

Well-known law firm "Pinkerton" in the 96-year announced that it is ready to assist the Russian Federation to return the gold for a modest fee. But Viktor Chernomyrdin said this, that our homeland will do without any help. Despite the fact that the rule of Boris Yeltsin left in the past, today's management of the country is not going to make an attempt to return to their homeland Nicholas rubles, a clear reason for inaction is not clear.

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