Truth serum for political prisoners

"Truth serum", "farmakalyagichnae (amitalavae) interview," "farmakalyagichny interrogation" — these terms are defined by a combination of psychotropic substances that are used by secret services of suspects. Themselves as special services of Belarus and other countries officially deny the use of such techniques.

Meanwhile, some Belarusian political prisoners claim that during his time in the KGB prison truth serum was used against them. They do not rule out that farmakalyagichnyya interrogations can be conducted and the candidates for president, who are now in jail.

Political prisoners tend to break down mentally

Dec. 24 at the Freedom Forum, dedicated to the fate of Vladimir Neklyaeva appeared koment, signed "an employee of the Center of Public Relations":

"Anonymous officer, says the visitor site, reported that Neklyaeva specially insulated to make him panic and psychologically broken. Also used psychotropic drugs.

"As long as it lasts, does not give evidence, so break it over his knee. I can not look at it, and therefore decided to give it to you" — said the man, who gave a KGB agent. "

While he holds, does not give evidence, so break it over his knee.

As evidenced by some of Belarusian specialists in the field of farmakalegii, in order to obtain the appropriate admissions to remand the use of potent, narcotic drugs and poisonous so-called group of "A" type Amital, pentatalu or skapalaminu. In fact, it is very dangerous for the body biomedical intervention. In theory, all of these are engaged in highly skilled professionals who know all the techniques and dosages of "return" of man.

For the first time in the USSR on the truth serum in his published samizdat "Handbook of Psychiatry for the dissidents" have told Soviet dissidents in the future kembryzhzki neyrafizyelyag Vladimir Bukovsky and Kiev psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman. The authors write that they are in the body in different ways (intravenously or with food) sodium amytal cause intoxication in humans that is similar to alcohol. Acts very simple principle: a drunk, so to speak, allowed for the language. Psychiatrist use this method to detect latent delirium. And it is officially called by raztarmazhvannya. In his book, Bukowski and Gluzman competent state that farmakalyagichny method used against the strong-minded people, yet is effective.

Truth Serum in Belarus and Russia

Around the same opinion, that the authors of the "Guide to psychiatry for dissidents", adheres to a former Belarusian political prisoner in the recent trustee candidate for president Vladimir Neklyaevaand Vasily Leonin.

According to the testimony Leonov, "farmakalyagichnae interview" with him special services conducted in the late 1990s in the KGB detention center, but it is hardly mattered to them effect.

Leonov"I was once fed by some psychotropic drugs that discourage memory. Came some investigator talked to me. Talked and drank the water. The camera always feel thirsty. Do not remember how lost consciousness and what happened to me. When I came to himself, heard the chief of scandals with that person. Probably scared that gave overdose.'s how it was. Once will be with the intention that I started to say something. Which, I do not know. However, nothing against him, and their loved ones I could not tell. More such experiments with me did not do. "

Leonov believes that such a procedure extract confessions of suspects in crimes carried out fairly common in today's Belarus.

Technique to extract confessions of suspects carrying out the crime fairly common in today's Belarus.

According to human rights activists, those who are charged with the post-Soviet space "matter of national importance", it is advisable to refrain from any proposed investigators drinks. A month ago on the site "Human rights in Russia" with a description of the details "farmakalyagichnyh interrogation" in a Moscow prison jail "Lyafortava" became a scientist Igor Sutyagin. At the time, he was convicted of espionage, but This year, was exchanged for prisoners in the United States Russian agents.

Sutyagin remembered as one of the interrogations "Lyafortava" he was offered a plate of greasy borscht and a glass of brandy. Soon, the detainee "there were unexplained gaps in memory," which continues to this day. After some time, scientists have shown a video where FSB colonel asks him questions about the treason, and he recognizes that there is an enemy agent.

The inmates Sutyagin, a former special forces officer with experience of questioning the people explained that the scientists introduced a very powerful psychotropic substances, which makes people pliable and forces to carry out any orders. A similar story, as the Sutyagin has occurred and to those who passed on the Yukos case.

At the end of November, the FSB has officially denied these allegations of "farmakalyagichnyh interrogation."

"The inhuman conditions and methods in the KGB detention center is difficult to sustain"

Meanwhile, his concern over the impact on the psyche of the Belarusian special services fellow presidential candidates expressed Dmitry Uss, who was arrested at night on December 19 and served in the KGB detention center about a day. Moustache believes that people can already mentally break down the intolerable conditions in little tight, similar to a dog kennel cells where people have to sleep on the floor, even where there is only a basic toilet in the corridor, and displays the security people there only twice — in the morning and evening.

According to the ex-presidential candidate, especially worried about his fate Vladimir Neklyaeva that his health may simply not survive.

Mustache: "Lukashenko will do much to get back to all the candidates, including Nyaklyaeu, despite his health. KGB jail — is inhuman conditions."

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