Tsar Bomba. Soviet Apocalypse.

October 30, 1961 there was an event that changed the course of history. Seismographs recorded around the extraordinary power fluctuations. World soon realized that the Soviet Union has shown that very gruel, who loved to scare Nikita Khrushchev. USSR detonated the most powerful in history hydrogen bomb.

The consequences were shocking. Nuclear explosion almost reached cosmic heights. The blast wave circled the planet three times. There were rumors that a man-made sun blazed much longer calculation time, and Soviet scientists were frightened, though started an irreversible nuclear reaction that can destroy the Earth. This possibility is predicted Dane Niels Bohr. The people thermonuclear monster called Tsar bomb, in the manner of a huge cannon and the Kremlin bells.

It is today the 61st associated with triumphant flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. But a few months after it broke out a new round of the Cold War. The Soviet Union and the West could not share Berlin, defeated in the Second World War. To address the issue, Kennedy began to build in West Germany a military contingent. Could ignite World War III. Khrushchev believed that only a powerful bomb blast — in fact, the end of a rehearsal of the world — can make a difference.
Unique product created in the secret language of the country in Arzamas-16 for a record 112 days. He was in charge of the future of the Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov. Internally Academy did not take a series of tests, which included the Tsar bomb explosion, but he gave himself entirely to the project. While orders are not discussed.
In 1962, the Soviet Union contemplated the combat use of the Super. Using it would cause a tsunami off the coast of the U.S., which was washed off America to the ground. For the first time — exclusive interview research participant, long lived under secrecy, the creator of nuclear weapons for the Navy Nicholas Suntsova.
Powerful bomb exploded half a century ago. But today the world is reaping the fruits of those grand tests.
In the film were:
Trutnev — one of the founders of the Tsar-bomb;
Michael Weller — a writer, a philosopher;
Nicholas Suntsov — Deputy Head of the Research Institute of Marine special weapons (1960-1976 gg.)
Rudolph Yalovitsky — participant Totsky military exercises (1954);
Evgeny Yakovlev — first deputy chief designer of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center.
Genre: Documentary.
Director: Igor Chernov.
Country: Russia.
Year: 2011.

Category: Mystery stories

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