TV Centre: Flood-2011

Downpours and floods in different parts of the world, traditional for this time of year has become extremely news because of the scale, impact and loss of life. Sinks Irish Dublin. In Italy, in the area of emergency province of Liguria, Tuscany and even Rome. Thai authorities announced today that the levees that protect from flooding in Bangkok, is about to burst! And the heads of state of Central America, which are assembled in a sinking El Salvador, is charged with the growing scale of the disaster industrialized countries. On the "elements of autumn 2011" Alexander Safronov.

The main thing — do not lose courage. And many are already on the brink. You bet! Third eurozone economy, Italy, in addition to all other problems again failed to protect his famous province of Tuscany and Liguria from the effects of heavy rains, landslides and hurricanes. There are dead and wounded. Destroyed roads and bridges. Meanwhile, in Rome, in the parliament are occupied by another. Dismantle fresh fight deputies from the ruling and opposition parties. The occasion was a joke when discussing plans for pension reform to the wife of one of the politicians: is not it time for her to retire in 39 years.

But in Thailand, now all power closely busy overcoming floods, the most powerful since 1942.

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