U.S. scientists have found a way to read minds and see other peoples dreams


Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have found a way of high electronic recordings and transcriptions of thoughts and dreams, reports the BBC.

In the course of scientific studies, the article which appeared in the journal Nature, they found that the activity of individual brain cells, or neurons, are associated with specific objects or images. Experiments have shown that when a volunteer, for example, thought of Marilyn Monroe in his brain activated a specific neuron.

Demonstrating the participants of the experiment different pictures, Dr. Cerf and his colleagues were able to isolate the neurons responding to certain images and concepts that are summarized for each participant in an individual database. As a result, watching how and in what sequence activates specific neurons, the scientists were able to "read the minds" of volunteers.

The problem of the method is that for the monitoring of neuronal activity must be surgically implanted in the brain of people special electrodes. The research described in the journal Nature, building on the work of persons who have been implanted with electrodes to monitor and treat epilepsy.

However, according to Dr. Cerf, sensor technology is evolving so rapidly that soon it will be possible to observe the activities of the brain without surgery.

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