U.S. secret world war

U.S. secret world war

Recently, it was reported that the structure of the Pentagon there is some secret special forces unit that leads the global secret war around the world. The scope of this war was not known until now.

After the brutal murder of Osama bin Laden by U.S. "sea lion" is a secret unit that is part of the armed forces, suddenly in the spotlight. Detecting it seems at least strange. Despite the fact that the army special forces were active in the territories of such countries as Iraq and Afghanistan, it became clear that without them there were some in conflict areas of Somalia and Yemen. Thus, the scope of the war is truly impressive.

As recently as last year in the U.S. media it was reported that the total number of states, which acted American special forces increased from 60 (in the reign of George W. Bush) to 75. And in the words of one of these units, Colonel Tim Nyah, the number of countries very soon reach 120. He also said that the activities of secret services Pentagon covers 60 percent of the total number of countries in the world, indicating thus the constant development of the secret power of the U.S. elite, leading the secret war, even in the most remote corners of the world.

American special forces command was set up in 1987. It was the result of unsuccessful operations to free the American hostages in Iran in 1980. Then killed eight members of the armed forces of the United States. Specialized units lost confidence and had to sit on the meager funding. After creating SOCOM they got one house, protect and stable budget.

Under the control of the army command are "Green Berets", rangers, special teams helicopter, boat group, seals, special operations group of marines, air commandos rescue teams and members of civic organizations. They all perform various secret missions.

The structure stands SOCOM Special Operations Command joint. It is a mystery team, whose main objective is to find and eliminate those involved in terrorism. This special group under the control of the President and is a huge hit list, which from time to time and get the American people. JSOC forces conducted an illegal campaign of conquest and murder, which is called "anti-terrorist killing machine of industrial scale."

The implementation of this campaign rests with the special unit "sea lion" and the Delta, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and is a structural part of a network of secret wars conducted in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Moreover, JSOC has at its disposal a network of secret prisons, which only in Afghanistan about twenty.

The number of Special Operations Command has risen following the events of September 11, 2001 from 37 thousand to 60 thousand employees. One-third of them — is the staff of SOCOM. And though the rest of the staff has other military specialties, periodically and it takes an active part in the structure.

Command has also increased funding and currently stands at $ 6.3 billion. Although if you consider the cost of funding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is clear that this sum is equal to at least 9.8 billion. Increased and the number of employees. In the future, further development and expansion of operations.

Dennis Heylik, former chief of special operations command of naval forces (which, by the way, came into SOCOM in 2006), said of a possible increase in the number of units is at least twice as long-term plans of American leadership is required to increase the total number of soldiers per thousand .

And at a meeting of the Senate, to validate William Mc Raven (Vice Admiral Navy) for the post of SOCOM, he confirmed the information about the growth of the number of personnel by about 5 percent annually. Also replenished and additional resources, including unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to Mack Ravenna, the role of special units is increasing every day. And in Iraq, for example, would benefit if its territory remain U.S. units after 2011. He also said that the command is very closely following Somalia and Yemen.

In the same year, as part of the annual symposium on special operations and conflict, Admiral Eric Olson said that earlier, before September 11, Command attention was drawn to the northern industrialized countries. Now the attention it attracted and south of the country, because the real threats come from there.

Olson launched "Project Lawrence", which involves in-depth study of languages, and the history and customs of the States on whose territory the American division. Program received its name in honor of Lawrence of Arabia, who joined Arab troops to conduct joint guerrilla war in the Middle East during World War II. It is planned that the project will receive its development in 51 countries worldwide, from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan and Mali.

According to him, about 85 percent of the personnel of the special units located in 20 Middle Eastern countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan , the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Uzbekistan. The remaining 15 percent are distributed to all corners of the world and are part of the larger contingents.

SOCOM kept secret, where exactly do under its control unit, as it is against the interests of the United States, but it is known that these special units (such as seals and Delta) perform a large number of illegal operations, kidnapping and assassinations in such states Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, while the "Green Berets" and Rangers spend quite legally trained to fight al-Qaida and other extremist groups.

In the Philippines, the U.S. government spends $ 50 million for the maintenance of a contingent of 600 soldiers, who, together with local troops perform counterterrorism operations against insurgent groups "Abu Sayyaf" and "JI".

In addition, regular joint training exercises and U.S. Special Forces in Brazil, Belize, Germany, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Norway, Poland and Panama. And starting in 2011, and similar efforts are conducted in countries such as Jordan, the Dominican Republic, Romania, South Korea, Senegal and Thailand.

In addition to increasing the number of personnel and budget funding increases and the impact of special forces. In 2002, SOCOM has been able to form joint forces operational type task force special operations forces, although previously the creation of such structures has been the prerogative of larger commands (such as the Central Command of the U.S. armed forces). It was also organized and efficient joint compound procurement, which included designers of equipment and procurement specialist.

Due to this the rise of a SOCOM might well as acquire the latest technology, and is developing its own technology to sort of camouflage or stealth technology. It is known that since 2001, the volume of contracts with enterprises Command for the production of special equipment and weapons, increased by 6 times.

SOCOM, through close links with other government agencies, foreign military forces and intelligence services, as the principal advisor to the Pentagon's anti-terrorism operations, being armed with a huge amount of stealth helicopters, high-tech boats, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as special vehicles, a new phenomenon in military. It is an elite secret army within the national armed forces.

In 120 countries around the world are special forces secret war in the structure of the shadow of the conflict, setting up high-profile assassination, night raids, seizures, premeditated murder. Being once invisible and only serve to cover up, they have now become particularly because of its power, influence and opportunities.

However, according to that same Olsen, Americans have yet to learn how to cope with the knowledge of owning such a large number of special units, privacy and activity. A special units do not mind to go back into the shadows and continue to do the things for which they were created.

By Valery Bova

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