UCP members want to exclude from the party Romanchuk

The Joint Civil Party from Kalinkovichi need to exclude the former presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk of the party.

UCP members of Kalinkovichi in a statement noted that the meeting between Mr. Romanchuk with Alexander Lukashenko "can be seen as a betrayal of the interests of the party and democracy."

December 20 Yaroslav Romanchuk voiced statement blamed the event on December 19 at the Independence Square in the former presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich and Vitaly Rymashevsky.

Denis Rabenok, one of the signatories of the statement, that explains the appeal that on December 19 as a result of "brutal and unmotivated violent crackdown on peaceful protests against the rigged election affected a large number of people — the elderly, women, young."

According to the signatories, "the full responsibility for these illegal actions is misanthropic and leadership of the country, and primarily President Lukashenko. "

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