UFO bases are located in the oceans!


Secrets of UFOs and to this day remains unsolved. And the little that could reveal classified intelligence … In the hope of their immediate publicity, we have no choice but to yourself to investigate the cause of the mysterious phenomena of crop circles, flying hitherto unknown objects in the water and the glow of unusual phenomena in the same underwater world. By the way, in the oceans unidentified flying objects are the most common, at least 50% of meetings, reports, "The Free Press", taking place in the depths of the waters.

Even in Soviet times, first disclosed such information submariners. Watching the unidentified flying objects (or rather NGOs — unidentified submerged objects), pop out of the water and immersed in the depths of the sea, they are replenished every year, "a collection of meetings" with new facts. For example, off the coast of Puerto Rico USN faced with an inexplicable phenomenon. Through teaching, the purpose of which was the discovery of erupting submarine "the enemy", they found an unidentified object, which, according to meter readings, went under the water at a speed of 150 knots (280 km / h)! To explain this fact could not, for the modern submarine submerged can reach speeds above 45 knots.

And in the North Atlantic, during naval maneuvers, sailors one of the icebreakers with NGOs and did almost collided! They saw "something came out of the water, breaking a three-meter thickness of the ice, and a huge silver bullet disappeared in the sky." Huge chunks of ice, raised up in the air for a few tens of meters from the cannon thunder struck back on ridges, and the water formed a huge hole raged.

In 1983, this fact was repeated in Biysk Gulf. Shortly before dawn, the Russian sailors noticed a light spot on the water. Something sparkling flew out of the abyss, like giant grasshoppers, and no bursts dropped back. And in 1998, on the Kamchatka Peninsula and NGOs at all sailors "took aim at" … On board, people noticed in windows frosted diffused glow. Running out into the street, they found themselves at the center of the illuminated circle with a diameter of about two miles. As if in great depth including a powerful searchlight. The glow was not blurred — the vertical shaft of light! Moving the circle with the vessel at a rate of ten knots (20 km / h). No glowing organisms are not able to swim so fast! And so, for about an hour, the glow beneath the boat is not extinguished.

In August 1965, the crew of the Soviet ship "Rainbow" in the Red Sea seen as two miles from the boat out of the water flew fireball with a diameter of 60 meters and hovered at an altitude of 100-150 meters above the sea surface, illuminating it. Behind him stood a huge column of water, which immediately fell back into the sea. Having hung a few minutes, the ball flew smoothly towards the central part of the sea.

Quite often these phenomena observed and sailors of East Siberia … At kilometer depths of Lake Baikal, they often see the glow reminiscent of the spotlight and flashes like a blazing electric welding. Fly out of the lake and the strange objects like bright glowing silvery discs and cylinders.

There, in the lake, in the summer of 1982 were found "people-amphibians." To catch at least one of them failed, but consider unusual creatures fortunate enough to many! Military divers diving service then repeatedly observed divers in tight silver suits their body, in all similar to humans, only about three meters tall. In addition, at a depth of 50 meters, "people amphibious" had neither scuba, nor any other devices, although their head and hid spherical helmets.

The study of the frequency of these aquatic events by scientists. There are statistics and their appearances: first place for encounters with "the unknown" is the Atlantic — 44% of cases, in the Pacific — 16%, 10% — in the Mediterranean, all the rest accounted for 30%.

Nikon N. Nikonov, a journalist BCM.ru

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