Ufologists from around the world flock to the French village called Bugarash


Lydia Gradova

. Fans of esoteric believe that there can only be saved from the coming in December 2012 end of the world.


Bugarash is in the Aude department in southwestern France. Nothing particularly remarkable in a village with a population of 189 people there, except for the peak Bugarash.


The peak is actually more like a big hill, and it is easy to climb.


So, ufologists believe that the peak Bugarash hides a great secret. Allegedly, visitors from outer space are hidden under a mountain in the "Ark of the aliens," waiting for the end of the world. When Armageddon breaks out, they will fly away home and took with him a compassionate bystanders, sincerely hope to fans of UFOs.


Who is the author of this curious theory is unknown. However, the village Bugarash its peak already became famous throughout the world, and attracts thousands of fans there esoterica, "enlightened" and the merely curious. A December 21, 2012, when the alleged must come Armageddon on the Mayan calendar, there will a real crush.

Local residents, however, had fallen on them do not consider such luck. Newcomers are buying up land at a huge cost, praying on the mountain and its surroundings and walking around there naked. Village mayor Jean-Pierre Delors prefers to Bugarash remained poor but peaceful and quiet village with no crowds of tourists. For this he is willing to go to extreme measures.

"We are not amused. If tomorrow there will be ten thousand tourists, our village has a population of 200 people just can not digest it all. I contacted the local authorities and insist that by December 2012, if required, in our defense acted Army "- was quoted as The Daily Telegraph.

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