Ugra, where there is a heat wave, the weather changed dramatically. Weather forecasters predict the weekend rain, thunderstorms, hail

According URA.Ru, sudden change in the weather is expected in Ugra, where recently established abnormally hot weather for the region — more than plus 30 degrees. According to forecasters, the coming days will come to the district, heavy rains, lightning and hail.

In this regard, experts Centrospas Yugoria warns high winds and hail can damage the wires, billboards, broken trees.

Also, experts predict a deterioration in the terms of navigation for small fleet (heavy sea, wind, thunder), a complication of conditions on the roads because of the deterioration of the road surface and multiple transient increased pressures on urban utility networks (heavy rains).

"Local authorities need to organize the functioning of regional subsystems prevent emergencies in high alert to check the readiness of forces and means to respond, ensure availability of emergency services to respond to accidents and incidents. If you have any prerequisites for emergencies immediately take steps to eliminate them, "- said the rig" Tsentrospas-Yugoria. "

Add, on the eve of Ugra was declared emergency mode due to the large amount of fire, the appearance of which in particular contributes to the hot weather and lack of precipitation.

Veronica Zavyalov, © News Service «URA.Ru»

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