Under the hood at the all-seeing eye

Information that the iPhone and iPad tablet computers British security experts found a hidden encrypted file that contains information about the movements of the device and their owners, alarmed users of these devices worldwide. Despite the fact that Apple has rejected the allegations, to communicate through gadgets, many began to feel uncomfortable.
General Director of "Ashmanov and partners" Igor Ashmanov in "Persona grata" on the air "Radio Russia" explained that the development of technology and the emergence of various electronic novelties, the effect of "seeing eye" is constantly increasing. As a rule, the greatest opportunity for surveillance have intelligence. Another thing is that to watch every person on the planet — is pointless and technically impossible. Under the hood will only include those in whom there is some interest — the criminals, spies, terrorists.

According to experts, when taken in the processing of man, that attract professionals, which include "time machine" and pick up everything that was associated with it in recent years — printout of calls, call recording, information about the location to within 30 meters. Another thing is whether the carpet by listening and tracking do Caique-the conclusions of the citizens and the nation as a whole.

"By keywords can reveal the whole category of people, and then they impute anything or put a check mark for unreliability, etc. Here's what to think. If a person is in a particular situation, and it fell upon the special service with all his weight, it does not matter which device in his pocket — still all about him will know. Interesting for the analysis and study of carpet, mass methods. Why, for example, iPhone collects information on all — that's a serious question! "- Summed Ashmanov.

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