Underwater Pyramids


Laura Dylan


1970. Near the island of Bari, Bahamas, Ray Brown of Mesa, Arizona, with friends scuba diving. During the voyage, Brown was separated from his companions, and when he tried to get back to them, I saw a strange pyramid on the bottom, emitting light aquamarine, which was surrounded by the ruins of other structures.

Most surprised by Brown's perfectly smooth and mirror
surface of the stone pyramid. The joints between the blocks were almost indistinguishable. On examination of the pyramid, Brown found a narrow passage and decided to check that conceals an underwater pyramid.

Rowed down the narrow hallway, Brown got in a small rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling. The room had no algae and corals on the interior walls, they were absolutely perfect. Brown did not take a flashlight but, nevertheless, he could see everything that is in the room.

In the center of the room, he saw hanging from the ceiling of a copper rod with a diameter of 3 cm at the end of which was attached
multi-faceted jewel, red. Below him in the center of the room lay a quartz plate on which it was established saucer with both hands bronze life-size, holding a crystal ball.

Attempt to capture the rod with a precious stone, were not successful. Returning to the crystal ball, it is easy to separate it from the bronze hand and left the pyramid. Brown said that when he left the pyramid, and felt the presence of voice, forbidding him to come back.

For fear that the discovery may confiscate the U.S. government, he decided to hide information. Only 5 years later, he decided to show his find peace.

Crystal ball had mysterious properties. For example, when touched thereto
sick man, he recovered. When healthy, he received of a patient man, who had previously touched by this crystal ball.

Smithsonian experts pointed out that the crystal ball of the underwater pyramid is a testament to the very
complex technology. Cutting quartz technology in our civilization emerged only after 1900.

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