Vatican — the secret, hidden from the people

Vatican for centuries considered the keeper of the faith of mankind. That's just kept the faith very peculiar. There is evidence that the Vatican has laboratories equipped with the latest technology. It was there that different investigations in all areas of science and new age. But for unknown reasons, these studies are not in a hurry to publish.

It is no secret that there were many cases of people possessed evil spirits. Although the Vatican did not officially recognize the existence of such a fact, that they have special priests who have the knowledge how to perform the ritual of exorcism. And the Vatican has taken to perform the ritual, but first provide a thorough check — is that really the case is an obsession, and it relates to the field of psychiatry.

The Vatican believes in spirits and ghosts. Clergy know how to deal with them, or how they can help. And the work in this direction is, and the most active. That's just not to be made public. Us know not to tell. And we know of similar cases from stories bystanders.

It is felt, perhaps, a kind of leak that the Vatican collected a huge library, which stores the most unique books to see and read the more ordinary mortals prohibited. The books collected unique prayers, incantations, scientific discoveries of geniuses of all time, who happened to make their own discoveries long before the time when humanity is ready for them. But the learned monks and priests use this knowledge for a long time. They are actively engaged in the development of all these discoveries.

The most important confirmation of these words is the fact that the director of the Vatican observatory, Jose Gabriel Funes has officially recognized that the Vatican believes it quite possible presence of life on other planets. Perhaps the Vatican astronomers have succeeded in space exploration more than mundane. They decided to recognize the existence of aliens, and made a statement that they, too, are our brothers. And all because God created not only the earth but also the whole world, and that Jesus is the savior of the earth not only residents, but also the entire universe.

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