Victims of floods in Pakistan have become more than a thousand

More than a thousand people were killed in Pakistan because of the strong floods. Millions were left homeless. Torrential rain did not stop for almost two weeks. Lakes and rivers burst their banks.
The water has destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. Particularly affected multimillion city of Karachi, where residents still recovering from last year's floods. Then killed about a thousand people lost their homes, millions of Pakistanis.

"I lived through two terrible katostrofy. Last year, flooding began at night, when we were all asleep. My house was washed with water. Then under the debris of the roof killed my wife," — says the victim Obgayo Babar.

Meanwhile, the water level is constantly rising. And weather forecasts disappointing — rains continue. Rescuers has neither the means nor the people to carry out operations. Pakistani authorities and humanitarian organizations dropped from helicopters, food and other necessities to people who were cut off from the land, said "Russia-24"


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