Victory announced. Where congratulations?

Belarusian Central Election Commission announced the final results of the presidential election. Tested another "elegant" victory of Alexander Lukashenko, who, according to official figures, scored almost 80% of the vote. The other nine candidates, according to the authorities, all have less than 13%. However congratulate Lukashenko to a fourth term of its foreign counterparts are not in a hurry. With the exception of some politicians with a particular reputation, who sent a telegram before today's wrap-up.

The day after the election, on December 20, the state news agency BelTA reported that to the head of Belarus received "hundreds of congratulations on his election victory." But in fact, at the moment of Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated President of ten countries — Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Vietnam, as well as the leaders of the former Soviet republics — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

While nominally refrain from congratulating the nearest ally Belarus — Russia. The press service of Lukashenka serves only that the Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev "reacted positively to the results of the election." On the eve of the Russian ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov explained that before the official announcement of the election results prematurely send greetings:

"I think it's not so much the Russian side, how many of your Central Election Commission, which has not published the official results of the elections. While they do not, then there is no reason to."

However, after the publication of the final digits Kremlin silent. The site reported the Russian president Medvedev had a telephone conversation with the leaders of the United States and Azerbaijan, is the president congratulates the Botkin Hospital. About Lukashenka mentions no. Experts believe that up to the moment when in Belarusian prisons are detained during the December 19 and 20 citizens of Russia, waiting for the words of greeting from Moscow is not necessary.

The leader of the Russian party "just cause" Gozman had the opportunity to observe the election process in Belarus, was an eyewitness to the events of 19 December at the Plaza. He is convinced that no congratulations Lukashenko did not deserve:

"I think that Lukashenko did not win. I can not believe that he scored more than 50%, because, for example, in Minsk, I met not so much on the actions of the opposition, but in general people who would vote for Lukashenko. On I just came up the street to the people named, was trying to talk, and by the way, in most cases it worked. Once again I say: I have not met one person, who would say that he voted for Lukashenko. So I personally do not believe in his victory. But because of the way "observation" of election fraud in Belarus are possible, such that our never dreamed of. "

Human rights activist Sergei Kovalev does not rule out that President Dmitry Medvedev might not congratulate his Belarusian counterpart. It is from feed Medvedev recently in Russia began a "sweep" of political longevity that after Lukashenko wanted to rule for life:

"Shadow Lukashenko can be seen in the Russian Federation. Here you are: until recently, the" prince "of Bashkortostan did what he wanted. Another example — Shaymiev. Slightly more intelligently disposed of, but, of course, also had untied his hands in his inside for some humility in a more significant matters affecting Moscow. A Kalmyk Ilyumzhinov it's just pure thug, and in all that he did. Such is it possible to lead to a civilization? Or what's going on in the former Central Asian republics, I have just broken the statue of Turkmenbashi. that they did with this giant gilded sculpture — I do not know, but even to Stalin is not occurred. And there is a level of Eastern psychology in the worst sense of the word. Equally, Lukashenko has their own idea of the extent and form of independence. "

With no reserve of congratulations from the highest officials, the official propaganda began to lay out a telegram sent privately. So, with the re-election of Lukashenko congratulated the Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov and People's Artist of the USSR Jigarkhanyan and Ambassador of India to Belarus Ramesh Chander meeting with Lukashenko gave him oral greetings from the leadership of his country.

Meanwhile, the U.S., Canada, European Union, clearly given to understand that the doors for Lukashenko to the West actually closed. So, in a joint statement of the Foreign Affairs of Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, published in the newspaper "The New York Times", states: "Continued positive dialogue with Mr. Lukashenko today seems like a waste of time and money. He made his choice, and this choice against everything that preaches the European Union. "


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