Video: Elections, Square, Square after

Events on election day — vote, mass rallies on October Square and Independence Square, as well as events after the area — actively covered by our correspondents from the video camera in his hands.

By popularity these materials videaasvyatlenne far ahead of all other events of the year, which we provide in a separate survey Video-2010.

Events December 19-21, 2010 Filed in chronological order:

Nekljaev vote and calls on the Square

Area. Evening of December 19th

October Square 19.12.2010 about 19-00

Pensiyanery to October. Approximately 19-30

Flags on October. People are going

October Square 19.12.2010 20-30

The action involved Goncharik

The action moved to the Independence Square

Rally at Independence Square

Fighting with riot police on Independence Square

Tough "cleaning" at the Independence Square

"Stripping". Beating a journalist of "Freedom"

People are beaten on the Independence Square

Require information on Akrestin

Courts of the conveyor acts

Detention center in Minsk on December 20

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