Vladimir Mackiewicz. Nation down! 22.12.2010

Society I can not only analyze and reason.

All what's going on, Calls to the conscience and the heart, the argument must give soul and conscience.

Unmotivated cruelty and meanness regime spilled over the edge.

On days country and the nation descended into barbarism and savagery.

And the most outrageous is that this cruelty and meanness — not a spontaneous reaction to some events, and calculating and cynical politics.

You can explain the actions of riot police during the acute situation on the streets. One can understand the enthusiasm of the people in uniform and out of uniform in a fight to halt the violence.

But how to understand and explain the detentions and arrests of innocent people in the coming days? Than justified by the content of those not related to the riots, in inhuman conditions — in cars, in overcrowded?

Shot down on December 19 hurt physically.

Prisoners in the prisons of cold, hungry and cramped.

All remained at large embarrassing, offensive and dreary.

Nation down!

Understated lies, mockery of Human Rights, of law and basic norms of decency.

I also underestimated. How it all.

Continued …

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