Wandering lights Trehostrovskoy


Sergei Novitsky. AIF Lower Volga number 48 dated 01 December 10

Recently discovered ancient temple worshipers in the Don at the village Trehostrovskoy for some time now enjoys unprecedented popularity with tourists and pilgrims from all over European Russia.

Tamer "Kirovtsa"

By unremarkable in appearance steppe moat in the form of a perfect circle on all sides of the road running up a long established. In this chilly time of anyone here. In the ditch in the yellowed stubble can see the lonely abandoned by one of the "pilgrims" plastic bottle, but everything inside the circle is in pristine purity. They say that when in Soviet times all the surrounding hilly areas were under cultivation, have decided to plow virgin and this circle with a mysterious ditch in the middle of the field. Drove strong "Kirovtsa" with plows, tractors but suddenly stalled at the entrance to the circle. And refused to show signs of life, until they turn around and drove away.

Local historian and screenwriter Yuri Voitov says that Volgograd Biophysics recorded this summer in the middle of the circle powerful upward flow of energy. "She is such a rushing, though his hands made his way to the touch — with these words, my guide habitual movement raises his arms to the sky, and then opens the palm parallel to the gloomy heavens. — This ancient greeting to the sun god Ra. Try now to bring your palms together. Feel tingling hands? I am convinced that there is the energy center of Pridonya, and maybe the whole of Eastern Europe! Over five hundred years — three to two and a half thousand years ago, was worshiped not only the fire, but also the elements. Perhaps there celebrating with proarii — ancient ancestors of the Slavs and the Rus'.

According Voitova, the diameter of the sanctuary in diameter — two hundred meters — beyond all these "places of power" in different parts of the world. For example, Britain's Stonehenge less than the radius of the local temple, "brother" of 1.5. When, in the mid-90s sanctuary began digging, archaeologists from the University of Volgograd, quickly ran into multimeter layer cake — a mixture of hardened ash, clay, charcoal and neprogorevshego harder rock like chalk boards and rubble.

"Such a spectrum — says Yuri Voitov — could not be formed in the usual even very huge bonfire. Low its formation — several thousand degrees in industrial furnaces. Like the ancient priests managed to reach such temperatures in the temple fire — before then difficult to understand. "

And the furniture moves

"The last time — tells me Officer natural park" Don "Pavel Orlov — to the Don sanctuary there a real pilgrimage. Some tourists aggressively and meticulously guides Teasing Nature Park, while others arrange inside the circle of the ancient rituals of their amateur. "

Pavel shows me neatly laid out in the middle of a huge circle of stones spiral. Stones spread out in a bizarre pattern of intentional. The public is likened to ancient priests and priestesses — lights "sacrificial campfire" and leads on complex helix profound dance — saturate the powerful energy of the temple. Where is the temple, there is new fire-worshipers.

"And sightseers such stones cake taken away from them, take away their homes to come true secret desires" — with these words Orlov lifts off the ground porous solid piece. They say the stones are too powerful as hubs of energy. Later, however, many of the stones are brought back. Because the furniture and utensils in the apartment starts literally "fly".

Among the locals for centuries legends about the strange sounds and wandering lights that light up the night of the hilly desert steppe. This summer, tourists and fishermen have seen in the night of the sanctuary rises in the sky bundle of bluish light, and in the air without any chance of rain and thunderstorms clearly smell ozone.

On the "Don's Stonehenge" has already filmed several popular science films, including employees of the popular British television channel. Already the British something with their Celtic and Druidic "objects" such pagan miracles do not be surprised. However, exactly how to capitalize on the rapidly growing stream of pilgrimage, manager of this part Zadonye — budgetary natural park "Don" — is not yet known.

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