WARNING! Petition against the juvenile justice

Video: Natalya Kaspersky, co-founder of "Kaspersky Lab" and the company InfoWatch, talks about the inadmissibility of juvenile justice.

Open letter to the UN — the petition to stop the implementation of juvenile justice.

Ask the United Nations to recognize the alienation of the child from his parents as violence and abuse of children's rights!

Experts in various fields identified and determined that the juvenile justice system that is alienation of the child from their parents during a divorce when one parent against the other parent, is used as a universal practice to destroy the relationship of biological parents with their children. Typically this is done in order to obtain financial gain for the court.

Since 1990, when the Convention on the Rights of the Child entered into force, and more dangerous form of parental alienation globally infiltrated into our society. In order to meet the annual resolution proposed by non-governmental organizations to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, States and governments have started, developed and support prosecution of parents to set them apart from their children. The resolutions adopted unquestionably and never challenged.
Child protection services ruthlessly take children from their homes and from their parents, grandparents, and under the most disgusting and unfounded pretexts in order to give them to children's homes and foster homes.

This absurd cruelty and brutality must be stopped now!


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