We arrested Alexander Klaskouski — two sons and a daughter


According to the detainee's father, a journalist Alexander Klaskouski, his namesake son is still kept in the KGB detention center. Relatives known whether continued Klaskouski Alexander Jr. term of content, because the lawyer Irina Burak with it has not yet met.

"As I understand the situation, she can not be involved in investigations without the consent of the other side. And there is apparently employed as belt conveyor. In the end, I can not exactly know its location, and secondly, I can not give him a transfer. Perhaps he is deprived of the most basic: razors, toothpaste and so on. "

Former Lieutenant Alexander Klaskouski December 19 participated in a rally at Independence Square and there was badly beaten by riot police. On movies from the event can be seen as a man in a police uniform for civilian jacket, with blood on his head, enters into controversy with former colleagues. For what purpose he came to the square, the wife Natalia knows exactly implies — it was a rush of his soul.

"This was the moment he came all the blood, I began to process the hair wound. It was not up to it to find out why. In the morning he went about his business. When he returned, only had time to wash your hands and change — how it started. "

When he returned, only had time to wash your hands and change — how it started.

According to Natalia, in their apartment raided by special services broke down the door, the landlord knocked down, beat up, took his hands in handcuffs. "Thank God, the child was not at home," — says Natalya. Children in Klaskouski three: two sons and a daughter, named from 2 to 11 years. Children still do not know that with my dad and where he — as long as they did not report.

The day after his arrest on the site of the former Ministry of Internal Affairs came videapakayanne Lieutenant, in which he asked for forgiveness from his former colleagues with whom fate brought him to the area.

A former police major Sergei Parsyukevich from Vitebsk believes that Alexander Klaskouski behaved on at wrong: I do not have the right to wear a police uniform and apply icons. Repentance Klaskouski he explains not only the fact that he changed his mind:

"Presanuli him physically during the arrest, and possibly later, too. And then explained that he shines. And, perhaps, was told that if you make a confession, it will be so and so. Although, I suppose, to deceive. They just do not believe it. Likely to deceive. "

Klaskouski Alexander graduated from law school, he worked in the traffic police, was promoted to lieutenant, a few years ago quit. Recently engaged in road transport.

Meanwhile Minsk police reports:

"Investigation Department of the preliminary investigation Minsk police arrested 19 people suspected of involvement in the commission of a crime under Article 293 of the Criminal Code (mass disorders). All suspects have been detained in the remand prison of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus. Investigations are carried out. "

Sixth in the list of those arrested Set Klaskouski Alexander, born in 1978.



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