Weak intellect makes a person susceptible to telepathic influence


Author: Savely Kashnitsky

St. Petersburg researchers conducted a series of experiments proved that the human mind is material, it is amenable to conscious control. The idea is transmitted at a distance without physical media. Intelligence is a person protected from prying volitional actions. These findings have scientific novelty, but still not obvious to most scientists.

"Blind" experiment

The study of telepathy — transmitting thoughts over a distance — for many years was held in St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (before — the Leningrad Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics).

Head of the department of computer and Thermal Physics Professor Gennady energofizicheskogo monitoring Dulnev began this research in the years when the "triumph of the ideology of materialism" excluded the very formulation of the question of the materiality of thought.

But to dismiss the facts, who set the ideology in question was becoming increasingly difficult. In many informal exchanges of Leningrad his amazing experiments showed Nina Kulagina. It is, for example, evoked the subject, without touching it, a real sense of burns — while the man cried out in pain. For deciphering the phenomenon addressed to physicists and biologists are produced from a position of denial Kulagina effect sought hidden trick, and not finding it, were eliminated from the challenge.

When brought to its solution Dulneva professor, he came to this strange phenomenon with an open mind. As thermal physicist he decided since there is jump temperature sensor should be applied. It quickly became clear that the vivid feeling of burning the skin temperature of the test is not increased. Therefore, a simple explanation of the "focus" is not.

Professor Dulnev went to the trick: saying nothing Ninel Sergeevne, he placed under the table where she was sitting at the time of the experiments, the electromagnetic "mixer" — a device that creates a rotating magnetic field. When a scientist quietly included the unit, the capacity Kulagina instantly disappeared, it did not work, she began to get nervous. As soon turn off the electromagnetic field — once again sought Kulagin effect.

For Dulneva this "blind experiment" meant, first, that the ability of Ninel Sergeevny unquestionable (while conservatives from the science did not shun public accusations that she crook that Kulagin led to premature death). Second, the energy of thought has a vortex structure: the rotation of the field this energy dissipates.

The measure of chaos


For further investigations of principle was the invention of the entropy encoder, that is scattering. We measure the difference in temperature between the body and the environment, the sensor was mounted on the biologically active point and actually measured the "measure of chaos", which allows to judge about the intellectual state of man.

A series of experiments using the entropy encoder spent in the classroom of students of the University, led by Professor Dulneva Inna Strazhmeyster. And as a test, researchers invited Ilya Dunaevskogo — psychic whose abilities have not been challenged.

He sat on a chair and on the conditions of the experiment, a 50-minute lecture began intellectual impact on the students, namely the mentally distracted them from the subject of the lecture, interfere with the process of thinking. Entropy sensors were attached on the forehead of the five students sitting in a lecture in another part of the building. On the nature of the experiment, they did not know anything.

The subjects were deliberately differentiated according to ability: excellent student, horoshist, student, living from hand to troechki four, troechnik and Losers. In the course of the lecture excellent pupil measure of chaos gradually decreased (ie, increased its concentration of attention), and in the 50th minute only barely noticeable swing up.

Horoshist also slowly reduced the degree of entropy, but 50 minutes into something happened to him: a sharp jump up chaos and — complete disorientation of the student.

Troechnik and one that fluctuates between 3 and 4 behaved the same way: with an initially low as chaos part in the experiment did not cause them any special excitement or interest. Gradually the chaos grew — obscure lecture material are increasingly irritated. At 50 minutes into the chaos peaked.

Losers at first showed zero chaos — as if absent from the lectures, the measure of chaos was growing gradually, but the 50 minute chart shows breakdown down: external intervention it entertained and completely shut down of what was happening.

What was common to all five students: a critical 50 minute caused a brief loss of memory. This proves the objectivity distant, telepathic influence on people's minds. Reaction to external stimuli differed depending on Intelligence: strong served as a kind of protection, a weaker resisted, quite weak was not even aware of intellectual aggression.

In another series of experiments measuring the degree of chaos in the computation of integrals. The sensors in this case have been set at an intellectual and emotional centers. So, the measure of chaos in the intellectual center rose and emotionally — declined.

— We have seen — said Gennady Dulnev — that the external effects on the intellectual rights, which should be regarded as an objective reality, an obstacle in the form of his intellectual sphere. What it is more developed, the greater becomes the obstacle protection. Weak same intelligence makes a person vulnerable to external influences.

Regularities and randomness

The information flows with which scientists work of the University, is a bridge between the physical and subtle worlds of man. Quantitatively measure information learned long ago. Qualitatively as it interacts with consciousness are vague. Although everyday experience teaches word can even kill.

Our brain distinguishes stable, legitimate information flows and turbulent, random. By thought Dulneva, harmonic state of consciousness occurs when these two flow correspond to the golden section: about 60% and 40% legitimate random data. On such a proportion and our brain responds positively. Violation of the golden ratio is fraught with intellectual challenges.

Human health, according to Dulneva also optimally at 60% and 40% of the laws of chance. Today finalized instrument assessing healing by measures of chaos. The researchers believe he will vnemeditsinskim way to measure the effectiveness of treatments and medications.

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