What is cooked and as advocated by Hezbollah

I. 45,000 rockets and Lebanese strategy

According to the views of Majid Sattar and Hans-Christian Roessler («Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung», Germany), the formation of the Lebanese 'Hezbollah' priklnnye Iran, along with him are ready for the newest war — with Israel. The article Sattar and Rossler provides an assessment of arms "Hezbollah", "this head of the political department of the Israeli Defense Ministry, Amos Gilad: at" Hezbollah "at the moment there are more than 45,000 rockets. Gilad said that the territory of Lebanon is under the control of armed groups of the organization. Because if Israel storms of Iran, these missiles will be applied.

What is cooked and as advocated by "Hezbollah"

But here are a few essential points. Until now, much of the arms from Iran, "Hezbollah" received through Syria. But now the question of what is constructive Shiites in Lebanon began to prepare for the changes that may occur after the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. So say the creators of the article.

They assumed that soon "Hezbollah" in general will not be able to rely on the supply of weapons from Iran. Referring to the information of the Israeli security forces, journalists write that before the Lebanese armed groups received grants from Tehran (200-300 million dollars a year), but because of international sanctions against Iran, these revenues declined.

In addition, Washington is considering whether to cut off sources of funding "Hezbollah". But in the ceiling of foreign exchange earnings and has to take the role of the European Union, where the "Hezbollah" is not classified as a terrorist organization (the premise of this — the resistance in the matter of France). The U.S. and Israel at this time insist on the implementation of EU criminal liability in respect of financial institutions and businesses, "collaborating" with the "Hezbollah".

From this we can conclude that the group, losing an Iranian, and eventually international funding, will intensify in Lebanon. The creators of articles they write: "… Therefore, for the grouping will fundamentally strengthen its position in the Lebanese economy and municipal institutions: the current time in the group will take control of 6 of 9 Lebanese commercial banks. Not counting the growing influence of Hezbollah in the State Bank, since the grouping without annoying introduces there own people. The same thing happens with the customs authorities. "

So makarom by Sattar and Ressler, in the activities of "Hezbollah" means immediately a few changes: changing supply chain guns — in connection with the possible fall of the Assad government in Syria, as international sanctions against Iran, strengthening the organization in Lebanon — both political and economic, introduction of military power "Hezbollah" in the possible war between Israel and Iran.

II. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stands for peace and against aggression

About 2 months to reverse the web site editor «Wikileaks» Julian Assange on TV «Russia Today» interviewed Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, a favorite of "Hezbollah". It was the transfer of why some people believe that the favorite of the party "Hezbollah" — a terrorist, and others call him a fighter for independence.

From the responses of Nasrallah are several major Fri, demonstrating its position on the main geopolitical issues.

1. According to Nasrallah's statements, Israel — illegal government, built by the occupation of foreign lands and the seizure of foreign territories. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. "Hezbollah" believes that the land of Palestine should be one government, and it will reign peace and democracy, and will live together Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Since 1948, Israeli troops, according to Nasrallah, firing at civilian facilities in Lebanon. From 1982 to 1992 there were resistance. Only 10 years later, Nasrallah says, "we started to answer — only to end the Israeli shelling our civilians."

2. The movement "Hezbollah", transformed into a parliamentary party, does not morally decayed. "Hezbollah" is fighting against drug trafficking, and does not control "some mafias." With all of this at the moment there are rich families that support the movement.

3. "Hezbollah" on the side of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria because it supports the Lebanese resistance movement and the Palestinian resistance movement and not amenable to pressure from Israel and the United States. Nasrallah believes that Syria needed dialogue and reform, in an embarrassing case — because of the heterogeneity of Syrian society — unreasoned actions may lead to civilian war, "but America and Israel only that it should."

"I am personally satisfied that — reads Nasrallah, — That President Assad firm wants to produce profound and fundamental reform, and it has convinced us of the correctness of the position occupied by us. " But that reforms were implemented, the opposition should be a dialogue. Representatives of "Hezbollah" came out at the opposition — to convince them of the need for dialogue with the authorities — but the rebels have refused dialogue. The rebels, according to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, want only the 1st — to overthrow the existing regime.

Different countries give the opposition the means and instrument. Favorite of "Al-Qaeda" Ayman al-Zawahiri called for armed struggle in Syria. It turns out that all these people are willing to reincarnate Syria into the battlefield.

4. Satellite channel "Al-Manar" is banned in the United States to the creation of a negative style of "Hezbollah". Americans should provide that "Hezbollah" — a terrorist organization, that its members are killing people. U.S. authorities do not want people to hear the other side. "In a fair trial — says Nasrallah — the defendant at least has a chance to say something in his defense. But the South American government blames us, and we do not even have the simple right to say something in his defense, to bring its reasons. They deprive us of the ability to speak out. "

5. On the question of "what is good and what is bad." "We believe — says Nasrallah — that God — the creator of all things, including human beings and all living creatures. When He made us, He gave us the bodies, also different mental and spiritual capabilities. This is what we call instinct. People who do not know the religious laws, guided only by instinct. But even they instinctively recognize the need read the truth. They subconsciously feel that's true — it is excellent, and the heresy — it is bad, that justice — excellent, and injustice — no, that help the poor and protect the offended — excellent, and attack others and shed blood — terrible. "

Resist the hegemony of the United States or occupation, or at least some anger, says Nasrallah — this is moral and human. In addition, it is also pleasing to God: it is not contrary to the principles of the moral law of heaven.

So, the anger or the United States of Israel and the general anger, according to Nasrallah, — it is bad. "Hezbollah" friendly — until such time as will not face the aggressors. Nasrallah is opposed, that Syria has been transforme
d "into a battlefield," and is, in contrast to the Syrian rebels and those who support them, committed to political dialogue.

III. Prokhanov: "Hassan Nasrallah — a great speaker, a passionate preacher, sophisticated analyst, tribune of the people"

June 6th in the newspaper "Tomorrow" posted an article A. Prohanova "Hezbollah — the Party of God."

"I listened to the speech prazdnichkom Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah — writes Prohanov — which spoke to the people of the tremendous plasma TV set, because for security evades Israeli bombers and saboteurs. Nasrallah does not get in direct contact with the people, for the previous two favorite parts were destroyed by Israeli intelligence agents. Hassan Nasrallah — a great speaker, a passionate preacher, sophisticated analyst, tribune of the people — warned Israel in the event of recurrence of anger. Read about the growing military power of Hezbollah. If Israel will kill missile house in Lebanon, Nasrallah read, Hezbollah will kill house in Tel Aviv. If Israeli projectile hits the Lebanese plant, destroy Hezbollah missile factory in Israel. If Israel is banging on the Lebanese seaport, Hezbollah rockets smash Israeli seaports. "

Prohanov continues: "On the mountain Mlita I beheld the cemetery of Israeli tanks" Merkava ", which translated from Hebrew means" chariot of God. " These inverted bottoms up charred rusted tanks reminded wheelchairs, which are taken away into oblivion the government of Israel. I was on the other — the highest, wooded — the mountain, which is visible in the winding canyon road. On this mountain was sitting in the shelter Hezbollah fighter, guided anti-tank missiles "Cornet". This rocket, built in Tula gunsmith stately Russian Arkady Georgiyevich Shipunov was the main force that stopped the iron "chariots of God." From this mountain, shooting "Cornet", the operator has destroyed 11 Israeli tanks, which were steaming, damming the road. Now this mountain is called "mountain Shipunova." Standing on the hillside, I took out his cell phone and called Shipunovo to Tula, said of the wrecked "Merkava" about the missile "Cornet", an image which you can behold in all the towns, in all corners, and that he Shipunov, distant Russian designer, is a public hero Hezbollah. Designer calmly listened to my story and confused fervent in response said, "Good."

Prohanov outlines the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon and the bombing of Beirut. "Seven hundred thousand refugees left the shattered region, taking with them a nightmare and a sense of catastrophe." But the "Hezbollah" continues Prohanov, defeating the enemy anew to rebuild the area. The victory of "Hezbollah" compared to well-known writer and journalist with a revival of the Soviet Union by the Nazis destroyed the cities. According to the views of Prohanova, "Hezbollah" and knows how to wage war and to build and open institutions. This organization is now "having its television and newspapers, refined diplomatic corps, members of the parliament and ministers in the government, creating a unique ideology and philosophy, the inimitable religious ethics."

Participants in the "Hezbollah", which met in Lebanon Prohanov, we talk about religion and linked their lives with the divine fishing. These people, according to Prokhanov, interpret the world as a battle between good and evil, the battle between light and darkness, and their resistance is understood to fight for divine justice. Heroes of the "Hezbollah", says journalist — it's sufferers who are "trampling down death by death." Coming to the military camp, the fighter "Hezbollah" is digging a grave for himself. In it he lives, prays, and in case of his death are buried here.

According Prokhanov, the experience of "Hezbollah" will come in handy in the future: a substitution which is corrupt liberal model should also see another new model, professing the principle of justice and creating harmony.

So Makarov, and geopolitics to the variable: for local occupation at Prokhanov, will be replaced in the future global challenges aimed at the settlement of the entire planet. Because "the future organization of the world going to require people of high sacrifice, religious morality, unusual solidarity, which is likely only if human affairs run by religious meanings."

For all this, says Prohanov already returned from Lebanon to Russia (see "Express newspaper Online» for June 13), the third global war could start with the first NATO bombs dropped on Syria. According to the writer, you can not stop the war: after all, there are forces on the planet who are going to use it to resolve the global economic crisis. Prohanov sure that all the nations of the world are preparing for the new global battles. As an example, he cites China, in which the MIC is working at full capacity. For the United States, then its military budget, according to the journalist, the military budget is equal to all the other nations of the world. In the end, Turkey has a huge army, and well armed Iran.

Assuming that the global war is not far off, Prohanov puzzled by the Russian Federation: "All rearming. All, except Russia. Are we not going to participate in the further redistribution of the world? "

So makarom if the "Hezbollah", according Prokhanov, ready for war, and the latest newcomer to the world, that of, perhaps we should take off her example.

Oleg surveyed Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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