What technologies could give earthlings representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

…Around the III millennium BC of almost all the nations of ancient civilizations, new building and construction technology. Some archaeological evidence convince us that such construction techniques used in the days of early Neolithic. For example, in Turkey, under the hill, called "Umbilical Mountain", German archaeologists found the ruins of a large stone church, built in the days when people knew how to build the best, simplest tents and huts.

In the same church, on the columns, they found a number of characters that can be taken as signs, hardly made by primitive people. We are talking about the excavation, which was carried out by German archaeologists in 1995 in the south of Antalya, where previously been found in large quantities of flint tools of primitive people. Having gone deep below the layer in which these weapons repeatedly met, archaeologists have found many vertically mounted T-vertical stelae, three meters in height. On stelae were found images of animals and other characters. Dating shows that these structures are the earliest Neolithic and made around 11500 — 9600 BC Before the discovery of these findings, it was believed that at that time the ancient people lived by hunting and gathering the gifts of nature, and they were not up to the stone structures of art and architecture. After further excavations revealed three round the room, with a diameter of 15-20 meters and 39 monolithic stelae, which were represented by various animals. In the middle of one of the round hall, covered a mosaic floor were two five-meter high stone columns, weighing up to 50 tons each. Here was found a kind of writing.

This religious building was later determined the archaeologists found in the ground, deeper than previously discovered prehistoric man, and has created seven thousand years before the pyramids of Egypt, and for two thousand years before the transition nomadic to a settled life. Construct a religious building and plumb such large stele in those days it was absolutely impossible without the use of any we know of no building and construction technologies. Certainly, the nomads have such technologies could not.

There is still no answer to the question how it was possible dug into the earth thousands of stone pillars having weight more than a ton each, Kermario (France). Put in a five-meter gate blocks of stone, weighing more than 40 tons each in Polynesia (Gate Tonga). Set seventeen sculptures in the shape of human heads, each with a height of more than 3 meters and over 30 tons, made from a single block of basalt in Mexico. Is a group of three to forty-five stone spheres with a diameter of about three meters and weighing 16 tons each in Costa Rica. Set blue boulders height of 7 meters each and a weight of 50 tons, according to the radius of the large circle. And in the center to set the same stone blocks with the letter P. This construction is in Britain, in Solberiyskoy plain.

Until now, scientists could not determine how the Egyptian pyramids were built. The above examples — only part of the mysterious prehistoric structures, which archeologists found on almost every continent of our planet. And there is no doubt that all of these artificial structures could be made in those prehistoric times only with the use of some new, previously unknown to earthlings, building and construction technologies. And such technology could come to earth only through contact with the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. For these multi-ton structure to deliver on their place settings, set these structures and, in fact, put a horizontal multi-ton stone slabs set vertically on the pillars of the earth civilization representatives of third and second millennium BC, probably would not have been able to do without the help and participation of advanced space aliens .

VA Kleschevich

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