What will the appreciation of the exchange allowance in the army

What will raise wages in the armyAs you know, in January of next year, according to the signed law, currency allowances for military personnel and military elderly people will rise to previously unheard of heights.

Everyone understands that the state budget will have to allocate a large amount of foreign exchange resources to ensure compliance with the law. On this side, all right — the President of the Russian Federation once again has brought clarity and in a recent interview reassured the public, saying that the country's budget and the budget of the military will suffer, all have long calculated and no cause for concern.

It would seem that there is an occasion for joy and for high-level increase of Professor troops. The newcomer will be able to receive the Lieutenant order of 50 000, ordinary contractor, valiantly willing to perform military service, the order of 25 000. An officer with the rank of Colonel 60 000, General — more than 80 thousand.

Older people also have not forgotten — Pensions will increase by an average of 60%, by the way, in 2013, military retirees who have retired, can count on the increase in payments per year to 4 percent.

This is just a theory, you can say an unrealized project for now talk about what they say is not a lot and try not to remember our bureaucrats.

In 1-x, still warm promises to pay officers to colonel positions for more than 100 thousand rubles, at the moment the amount of payment still modest.

In 2-x, humiliating reduction factor equal to 0.54 for retired military affairs. The point here is that the majority of older people actually will not feel this increase.
For the proof, we give a common example — now pension allowance battalion commander is 8,000 rubles, after increasing it will be 12 000 rubles, and ordinary cleaning lady in MO now gets even more inflated pensions.

B-3, Now an article on indexing all that improved, and this pension, allowances and currency is not in the plans for 2016. This means that inflation is silently nullify the entire increase.
Maybe this time will be corrected by our bureaucrats, but still positive disk imaging on this issue is not made public.

B-4, increase there is, as it should, to grow the budget of the military department at least twice, but it will grow to assess the relevant committee of one third. Perhaps there are still geniuses in economics from the municipal unit or the same again, we do not report to all the details.

And the details are as follows — the abolition of all privileges that were in the military.

Now the soldier will do at its own expense:
— take a train ticket when leaving on vacation;
— teach their own kids in the institutions of further education;
— send to different camps of their own kids;
— receive property necessities.

Also note the cancellation compensation for unpaid taxes on military land and property.

Conscript servicemen will lose their free travel on public transport.

And the latest news on what want to save money the military budget, it is in uniform. If the information is to stop providing military uniform clothes of confirmed, the defense budget will replenish the necessary means to ensure the currency increasing foreign exchange payments to military service.

Similarly, it is clear that this feature discussions are in the military, but the final decision has not yet made public.

I remember the experience of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union — in 70 canceled indispensable getting ready form, instead it offers either a certain amount of material, or compensation for non-receipt. Almost a couple of years old Russian Army lost luster and shine, the officers began to resemble cautious "homeless." Then hit upon the idea of compensation to cancel. And if at the moment to offer himself to provide the military itself, it is likely not going to help no increase, the means will always spend money on more the right questions, and army officers, unable to feel more or less well, will not look the army of the Russian Federation, and the army of the country "backward state".

To sum up, the hunt to note that without the underwater stones had not taken the 1st sensible law, improving something, just something otymali. And do not take this decision as they should, but again, even of the political nature of judgments.

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