What will the fall of the Assad regime

What will the fall of the Assad regime
Running outside the destructive processes are gaining momentum in Syria — Syrian anti-government protests in the country have been going on the second month, all of which often clashes leading to countless victims. Here is one of the latest news on the topic: 14 August as a result of bombardment of the Syrian navy ships port town of Latakia people died. On the night between Saturday and Sunday were conducted special operations in the suburbs of Damascus — Sacbe and Hamra arrests. Requirements moderate reforms were replaced brutal calls, so on August 12, demonstrators came up with slogans demanding the death of a Syrian head of state — Bashar al-Assad.

More aggressive position adjacent countries and the West: August 12 Municipal Secretary Hillary Clinton called on the world community to strengthen economic sanctions on the regime of Bashar al-Assad immediately end the purchase of oil and gas from Syria. Hillary Clinton expressed the hope that by the measures of economic pressure against Syria will join India and China. U.S. Secretary of State also urged Russia to complete delivery of weapons to Syria. And on Aug. 13, on Saturday, the South American president, Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and ruler of Saudi Arabia Abdullah called on Damascus to immediately end the violence against protesters. Canada announced tougher sanctions against the Syrian regime.

The Western media, well, part of Russian, which are in line with the so-called. "World public opinion" (which for some reason always expresses the interests of the West), are the real attack against Syria. Although saying that if Syria will unleash against the military operation, in the end, as in Libya, resurface the facts which show the continuing misinformation and heresy Western politicians and journalists.

Although why Assad wish to remove — it is clear now, so more money last deputy minister States Paul Craig Roberts reported: "We need to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria, because we want to drive out of the Mediterranean, China and Russia. " When in 1991 the squadron was disbanded Mediterranean, we have remained in Syria item logistics of the Russian Navy in Tartusse. At the current time it is virtually our only base in the far abroad. If you ask us out, and the new pro-Western government of Syria is sure to do, West it is clear from the Mediterranean, our military presence. In addition, there are excellent ability to expand our military presence in the region — Assad would be happy about that, our current base will be the guarantor of stability in the country as our base in Armenia. If we do lose Sevastopol as the main base of the Black Sea Fleet, and the situation in Ukraine is unstable, it may cause new girl "color revolution". Novorossiysk is not able to change the base in Sevastopol, its capacity is limited.

Once we drive out of Syria, it is safe to wait to increase pressure on Kiev to drive us to and from Sevastopol. But after the loss "of Russian glory" our capacity in the region will be further weakened, they are so small.

However, with regard to the future of Syria must take into consideration the factor of Turkey, it has its own plans for the former province. In part, Ankara aims coincide with those of the West — topple Assad's hard, but the Turkish elite do not want chaos in the countryside Syria, because it will lead to the activation of the Syrian Kurds. First, the unrest in Syria, the Turks maintained a friendly neutrality, because they are important peace deal with a neighbor, the development of economic ties. But gradually attitude the situation has changed: the Turks began to name streets a mess in the Syrian State "struggle for freedom" and even assist in the organization of its territory on the 2-conferences of the Syrian opposition, and their appeals were made to put an end to the government of Bashar al-Assad. Plus the problem of Syrian refugees on the territory of Turkey, enforcement actions of Damascus on the Turkish-Syrian border. At the current time, Ankara asked Damascus to end the appeasement of protesters by military force. However, as to suspend Damascus' demostrantov "that require execution Assad, killing police and military, organize terrorist attacks, is not clear. It turns out that the West, the country's monarchies of the Persian Gulf, Israel and Turkey require Assad just walk away without a fight, leaving the country to their opposition and the Western "democratizers."

Another reason for wishing to remove Assad, — Syria's strategic position, between Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. Damascus has a business alliance with "friends" of Israel — the movement "Hezbollah" and Hamas and Iran. Because Israel would be good to kill a bunch of Tehran-Damascus to attack the anti-Israeli movement in general. Syrian regime failed to neutralize by including it in the so-called. "Axis of evil" Damascus established and cemented ties with Russia, China, North Korea, South American States.

The fall of Assad would be a negative for the Russian Federation: a threat would be our presence in the Mediterranean, the U.S. and the West in general, removed one of the "splinters", will be weakened our position in the Middle East, since the Assad regime is quite friendly to us. Iran will lose an ally, and, apparently, the subsequent impact will be on it.

Turkey can win or lose — if the option will be held with the construction "of the Ottoman Empire 2", then Syria awaits fate of the province of Turkey. It is not good form when Syria will be ruined by a few artificial structures, including Kurdish and turned into a "battlefield" between different ethnic groups, religious character, the socket design Islamists. Plus, the economic loss of the Turks, the failure of their plans to make a free trade zone with Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, closing the economies of these states over.

China is also not profitable fall of the Assad regime, it is not an enemy to Beijing, and faster ally, China profitably similar confrontation, the more enemies of the West and the United States away from the Chinese seas, the better. China buys time for our economy, defense.

Syrian people only lose — the standard of living, and so low, will fall even more. After the fall of Assad's Syria expect only further turmoil, the radicalization of relations, breach of infrastructure links, clash of different groups of the population, the threat of a takeover by Turkey.

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