What will the revolution in Saudi Arabia

What will the revolution in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia is no exception in the middle of the Arab world — and there exists the possibility of revolution harsh.

Although Saudi Arabia is a very rich state, which has 24% of the known supplies of oil on the planet. Ayr-Riyadh is the favorite in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which regulates the oil prices. In addition, the state placed two of the largest religious center of the world's Muslims — Mecca and Medina. They generate revenue from the millions of pilgrims to the holy places.

But it's not got the best of Riyadh from Arab Troubles. At the end of January, the first excitement, February 23 Saudi ruler Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz announced the implementation of a package of cash benefits total cost over 35 billion dollars. The main measures: a 15 percent increase in wages of civil servants, support for young unemployed people and Saudi citizens studying abroad, as assistance to families in search of affordable housing. These were economic concessions to society for political reform speech was not, although the lord gave pardons to several offenders convicted of money fraud. March 10 in the town of Qatif was a demonstration of the Shiites (religious minority), with its dispersal by police several people were wounded.

Prepyadstviya Riyadh

— Poorly developed education professor, trained professionals and labor prefer to invite other countries (Pakistan, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, the Philippines and others)

— High dependence on food shopping.

— Import a large part of industrial products, auto, textiles, etc. Etc.

— The highest unemployment rate among the indigenous population, especially among young people.

— Slap population growth, with the number of 28 million people (as of 2009), the yearly increase 1-1.5 million a year, the birth rate is 29.56 (per 1,000 people).

— Low combat capability of the armed forces in the Saudi good technical equipment: Riyadh buys the best weapon in the Western states, especially in their own "ally" of the U.S., spends on buying huge amounts of weapons. But the population, perverse decent life, in the absence of external hazards — protecting the United States — will not be able to withstand even the tribal Yemeni troops (they have often thrashed Saudi army) and even more so the army of Iran.

— At the beginning of the severe disturbances in Saudi Arabia United States and the West in general would support a possible "rebels", especially when Riyadh will be hard to suppress speech. It is not good for Saudi Arabia standing with Western human rights organizations — a kind of citadel "medieval obscurantism." Riyadh Shia Muslims do not even allows you to build the mosque. And the U.S. is "throw" of its own ally, it is not the first time, because the eternal interests, not the country. U.S. profitably dismemberment Saudi Arabia, already under Bush echoed the script of "perestroika" the Arab world and Pakistan, published maps with the new states.

— Shiite religious discrimination, they account for approximately 10% of the population live in the main to the east of the country. All other creeds, not counting official Salafism is prohibited worship. The country has a religious police (muttava). Sharia fighters Guard constantly patrol the streets and public places in order to prevent attempts to violate the canons of Islam. In case of violation of guilty is a corresponding penalty (a fine of up to cut off the head).

— The problem of Yemen, adjacent government — It's just by the standards of the Europeans, hell on earth. Yemen unhappy that Riyadh without their consent appropriated groundwater supplies — in Yemen, the problem of water is so acute that soon can we expect the "war for water." Invasion of Yemenis in Saudi Arabia will be a disaster for the region.

— Outside enemy — Shiite Iran, which supports Shia Saudi Arabia and Yemen. And who does not mind getting part of the area of Saudi Arabia at its demise.

— The problem of wage-workers — they are in Saudi Arabia, an army — 5.5 million. If the country will begin the excitement and chaos, that most of them will join the rebels. They can not stand the well-fed and lounging Saudis. Coupled with the Yemeni Shiite and they can make a strike force of the Revolution.

In the fall of Saudi Arabia the consequences will be very significant, the cost will rise to the very hydrocarbons. In the U.S. actions will be involved (in Saudi Arabia have at their bases), Iran, the European Alliance, countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

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