What will the wrong airstrike

What will the "wrong" airstrike

Another proof of the absolute impunity of the West for any of his actions in at least some part of the world has become the latest air strike NATO by regions of Pakistan, as a result of which killed 25 Pakistani soldiers and another 13 were wounded.

Recall that another "wrong" air strikes, as it is called in NATO, was done on two Pakistani Army border posts in the night from 25 to 26 November. Apparently, this attack was the purpose of liquidation of alleged militants operating on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in these cases, Americans have long been accustomed to act indiscriminately, to the maximum, with a pre-invulnerable positions. It's no secret that such incidents occur is not the first time. Coalition forces have not once been conducting operations on the ground in Pakistan, during one of these operations was killed bin Laden. In similar cases, the presentation of the Pakistani authorities and no one asks for the mass death of people of a sovereign country and no one answers.

With all the evidence of crime action against NATO troops in Pakistani border guards, which resulted in their death, the command of the alliance does not recognize his own guilt for what happened and, in the already established "good" tradition, promises to look into the situation, expressing the families of the dead soldiers their compassion.

Quite logical that Islamabad shows the most resolute attitude and intends to limit the actions of the Western allies in the region. Regret NATO not accepted across the country held mass anti-American speech. It is clear that the incident with the air strike on border posts was the last straw that broke the patience of Pakistani governance, which, apart from anything else, is simply can not ignore the brutal anti-Western sentiment of their own people.

Is the incident a catastrophic mistake or the result of a planned sabotage or treason, let NATO members understand themselves. This is not so in principle, because such incidents are repeated even more often, and the number of innocent people killed as a result of the self-confident actions of the Western coalition increases, which can not but arouse indignation among Pakistanis as organizing at the moment unparalleled protests, and from the rest of world.

What will be the consequences of the NATO attack on Pakistani border guards? Of course, what happened — this is one of the most severe mistakes of all time operation of the USA and its allies in Afghanistan. This failure with a large modicum of probability can cause not just a review of relations with the west of Islamabad, and their complete break with all its consequences for the future continuation of coalition operations in Afghanistan.

Pakistan's response forced himself not long expected. Though any self-respecting government would have acted differently. Immediately after an air strike, it became clear in Islamabad, a transit corridor that provides supply troops NATO Afghanistan was one hundred percent blocked. Apart from this, the Pakistani authorities have claimed, that the South American military for 15 days turned its presence in the Shamsi air base. Both solutions Islamabad are decisive steps in the development of very severe problems for the Western coalition forces. The fact is that, from the standpoint of supply, a Pakistani band was more comfortable to the U.S. and its allies, as was the smallest by providing coalition forces in Afghanistan, and Shamsi air base used to launch drones that were used during operations against the Taliban.

Thus, USA NATO expect new Afghan problem. With all of this termination of allied relations between the U.S. and Pakistan could be a new challenge and an opportunity for the newest of, specifically through the region because of its interests lies the remaining supply of transport corridor Western coalition operations in Afghanistan. Our homeland has to take the position and shape their own policies in Central Asia so Makarov, that the situation had made for her additional leverage over the United States. Under the criteria of the Yankees will have to agonizing political bargaining and agree to concessions on a variety of not only the Central Asian states, and Moscow, which she experienced in politics, can reincarnate into their exceptional merits, because the U.S. and its allies will have to deal with another transit corridor, much more longish, cargo transportation by which to achieve endless approvals and passing long procedures.

But let's not rush action — Pakistan have often deadly sulking on the United States. The general beliefs of military analysts in the foreseeable future northern transport corridor supply is not able to absolutely change the south. Because the Yankees still do not have time to worship kpakistanskomu management, which, if recognized criteria for monetary character, and can change their own righteous anger at the mercy of Allied.

Media to learn more about the NATO air strike on Pakistani military

29.11.2011, 06:40:06 prerequisite helicopter attack troops NATO on the Pakistani checkpoint, which on Saturday, November 26, led to the death of 25 people, was the commander of the detachment fault of American special forces were pursuing a group of rebels. Details of what happened on November 28 became known Associated Press from anonymous sources in the military leadership of the United States.

According to the agency, shortly before the incident are working in the group of militants stormed the U.S. and Afghan special forces, who at the time were in the area of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. The militants managed to escape after the attack, and the SWAT team went in search of them, informing the Pakistani military.

It is reported that after 2-hours of searching found the Pakistani special forces checkpoint. Detachment commander took him by the wrong camp fighters and asked for his destruction of air support, which then led to the death of soldier stationed there.

Earlier, South American military has said that will likely hit the checkpoint was done in error, but so far no details are known.


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