Where did our working people from TV screens?

On TV channels show anyone, but people just do not work!?

For many, many years I do not see all channels of our "honest" TV no representatives of the working people!

I do not see any tractor or factory worker, not a single person who grows wheat, milk the cows, sew us clothes, build houses, teach our children, makes a variety of services …

TV shows:

— every day, several times, the performance of Medvedev and Putin (where do they work?)

— it seems that we feed, clothe, build apartments oligarchs, governors, mayors, civil servants, and not the working people;

— all that is produced in the country: oil, gas, ore, etc. this is the work of our supermen oligarchs (it seems that they do not work, do everything with their hands);

— Permanent negative, someone was killed, crushed a car and so every day (interesting case and creation 140 million people do not show, probably in the country, except for the ruling elite, the oligarchs and bureaucrats and people do not);

— if its not enough negative seek out overseas (and abroad are so many interesting things going on, amazing inventions, original machines, but it does not show);

— endlessly twist ads even forget that looked (TV crew puff brains advertisers that their ads will give many buyers — is a fraud, advertising, everyone is sick as hell);

— for music programs show a 50% vulgarschinu, rudeness, bad taste;

— do PR, as if we still live only by our banks, the oligarchs and GDP (after this is unclear whether it is necessary in our country, the real agriculture, or is it unnecessary vestige!?)

— infinite lottery, which you can win a million rubles for having guessed a few words (why then go to school and work at all!?)

— continuously show crime films (the impression that people can not do without in order to deceive or kill neighbor);

— The film shows the different "characters" (it seems that this person is important to the society a copy of the person);

— glorious artists spend hours telling what their pets (by which is meant that the people show a high unique art);

After such a "spiritual" life, which suits us our TV, what morality, desire to work for the oligarchs can have our people, especially the youth!?

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