Where to put the Christmas tree in Feng Shui


According to feng shui master, a Christmas tree should be able to correctly position in the house. If it is placed correctly, fluffy beauty will bring you good luck and joy, if not — it can overshadow life in the coming year.

To begin, decide what you want to achieve in 2011, the year. Zagadannoy new love, career success, health, happiness, children, wealth … and put the tree in the right corner!

Love and Sex

If the new year, you strive to meet your soul mate, to bring existing love relationship to a new level, to make love life more colorful, put the tree in the far right corner. To have in the house love and harmony, decorate the tree shining crystals, silk ribbons, hearts, angels, toys in the form of heart. Welcome and paired characters — hanging together and bound with thread two balls, cones, icicles. Choose toys red and pink flowers on top of the hook the plush heart.


If you are in 2011, want to get rich, activate the corner opposite of love, that is the far left. Naturally, the decorations should in shape and color to resemble gold and silver. Can be hung on the Christmas tree and chocolate coins sold in stalls. Attract wealth, according to feng shui experts, and these coins and notes. Dollar, euro and hryvnia (more than face value, the better) will make your Christmas tree and the road will bring you good luck.


If the year of the Rabbit (Cat) you set a goal to move up the career ladder, determine the tree right in front of the entrance to the room. Decorate it to make it your style of work, that is, if you are the director or head of department, the Christmas tree can be dressed up with stylish accessories and strict, if you have creative work, then try one of the striking and shocking things. Or you can decorate homemade Christmas tree up, as you have in the office.


If your plans for next appear on kids or you have them already, and every hour you care about their well-being, then put the tree in the near right corner. Decorate your beautiful candy, cookies, nuts, toys — anything from what the kids are thrilled. Christmas tree ornament can entrust to the child, and you will get a kick out of this process, and your child.


Middle left corner, where there is a tree, symbolizes a strong and solid friendship. You can ask all your friends to donate to your beauty of the toy. If you crave for new contacts and influential friends, hang on the Christmas tree imaginary gift, personifying them. It can be expensive cufflinks, earrings, wallet or pen.

Keep in mind!

Remember: the angles is the entrance to the room, he is considered the starting point.

Tree must be straight and standing straight, it symbolizes your life's path. If she squinted or withered, take action, as you do in life.

The optimal option: put the tree middle of the room and strengthen every aspect of their life! Hang on to her symbols of love, career, wealth, friendship. They should be directed to those corners, which we wrote above.

If the presence of furniture or appliances in the room can not put a Christmas tree in your desired angle — do not be sad. A few fir branches, set in a vase and some at the right angle, too, will do the trick. Do not forget to decorate them with the correct character!

Be lucky, loved and well in the new year!

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