White Russia — one of the leaders of the CIS in terms of salaries and pensions: REGNUM

Institute for pensioners appeared in Belarus

Minsk, Belarus — one of the leaders of the CIS in terms of salaries and pensions
in dollar terms. This statement was made on January 4 reporters at a press conference, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Valerian King.

Sustainable growth and quality of life of the population, as well as to create conditions for human development is, according to the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security, the primary purpose of socially oriented state, which is Belarus.

According to him, the challenges related to real income growth, reduce unemployment, improve social security and a reliable system of social protection of the poor, set in the framework of the socio-economic development of Belarus for 2006-2010 have been met.

"The country has achieved dynamic growth of wages and pensions. Over the past five years real wages increased by 1.6 times. The level of wages and pensions in dollars Belarus is among the leaders in the CIS ", — said in a statement the official.

According to IA REGNUM, from January 1, 2011, in Belarus increased by 15% of the minimum wage (NMW) and at the moment it is 460 000 rubles (about $ 150). In addition to increasing the minimum wage, hourly wages increased by 350 BYR. (About $ 0.11) — up to 2,710 rubles (about $ 0.9).

On the eve of the final presidential campaign was increased average salary in the Republic, returned to some social benefits — 50% of public transport students in localities, free transportation for students in the Minsk metro.

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Institute for pensioners appeared in Belarus

Institute of the Third Age started in Brest on the basis of the territorial center of social service Leninsky district of Brest. The director of the center of Jeanne Stativko.
According to her, the students of the new school for Belarus will be retired. The Institute was founded on social project "Active third age", developed by the Centre in collaboration with the social and pedagogical faculty of Brest State University. Pushkin (BrGU).

"Institute for pensioners — the first in Belarus, so we used the experience of such institutions and universities in other countries, as well as the best practices of our center with the older generation. The main idea is that the training and retirement age — successfully compatible concepts. Our goal — to help seniors adapt to the conditions of life, to stay active and productive members of society, "- said Jeanne Stativko.

The Institute of the Third Age discovered several areas, including educational, editorial, historical and regional studies, moral, spiritual, cultural and leisure-time physical activity, as well as creative workshops. Studies at the institute began more than 60 students. Some of them study at several faculties. Classes are conducted by teachers and student volunteers BrGU, specialists of the medical center, "Dr. Vitum" workers territorial center of social service Leninsky district of Brest.

As reported by Jeanne Stativko, entrants continues. They may be men who have reached 60 years of age, and women under 55 years of age. Education is free.

Already in December, marking the first scheduled for students of the Institute of the Third Age with the issue of student tickets. The school year runs until July 1. According to its results, all students will receive a certificate.

According to Joan Stativko, the project will be improved, and by the summer of next year a decision on how many levels of training will be in each area. In total, the Institute of the Third Age can work up to 300 students, retirees.

According to the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Brest Regional Executive Committee for the last 10 years the number of older people in the Brest region increased by 14% — from 276 thousand in 2000 to 314 thousand in 2010. Given the emerging trends, social services with the health authorities in the region spend more daily work to support, care for older people. The system of specialized medical care of older people. In all cities and districts are organized and work in medical facilities geriatric treatments. This year, the final operations to refocus each district one rural district hospital to hospital nursing care for the elderly. Currently, in the Brest region has 15 such hospitals and six nursing units to 545 beds.


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