Why is preparing America

Why is preparing AmericaI. … A war for resources

Paul B. Farrell on the pages «Market Watch» (Source of translation — mixednews.ru) Told that majestic America is preparing for war for resources. Ken Farrell's actually on the stated theme, apparently, is not enough, because he was using ready-judgment opinion of Michael Clare — the creator of the book "Keeping up with what's left: the global battle for the last resources of the world" and the essay "War of resources: a new landscape global conflict. "

Third global war will be the majestic war for raw materials, which will put an end to all wars, says Farrell. WWIII, according to the creator, has already begun, and is a testament to the decline of the American Dream stateliness.

In addition, another 10 years to reverse the bureaucrats in the Pentagon predicted: "2020 will be a rampage … vseobyatnye full of wars for food, water and energy … the war that defines human existence."

Just something about it, and says in his book on national security expert Michael Klare.

World War III (or "great raw war"), which is America, Claire sees this: "Really, you can not suddenly get rid of our dependence on fossil fuel and other limited sources of energy: our present dependence on them is very high." Claire expresses, in general, the obvious proposition that the power of capitalism goes, that the bourgeoisie is no longer able to see the danger in his face. The capitalist class can focus only on the concentration, and therefore not able to take into account the terrible consequences for the planet.

All this, we would add, environmental variations on the theme of Marx.

Claire exciting is that, in his opinion, the advanced countries of the world "calmly" preparing for war for resources. Lofty world powers, he said, for now accelerate the preparation: they are on stage cluster resources, collection of resources and tools. Then they do not even accept the fact that the world has changed, will send troops into combat for the raw materials they need.

Planet is in the historical turning point, adds Farrell. Restricted policy, managers from Wall Street and multi-millionaires do not want to listen to warnings of authorities such as special environmental Bill McKibben, money manager Jeremy Grantham, the anthropologist Jared Diamond, a security expert Michael Klare.

Specialists say: "The world is facing unprecedented crisis of resource depletion, which goes beyond the" peak oil "and contains a shortage of coal and uranium, copper, lithium, water and arable land. All available resources simply are approaching exhaustion, a desperate hunt for resources has become a frenzy of extreme development of new fields, because governments and companies rush to consolidate the area previously considered to be unsafe or very distant. "

For WWIII — in order to capture the remaining — will necessarily. Claire remembers the facts for the sake of a risky target Russian mini-submarine in 2007. The submarine used a robotic arm to install the titanium flag deep beneath the polar ice cap, two and a half miles below the surface of the North Pole. For what? — Asks the expert.

And here's why: In recent years, when the climate warmed, these configurations ice deserts, our homeland, Canada, the United States and other countries claiming their rights to these "vast supplies of oil, natural gas, and the necessary resources." "Big players" grab and hoard scarce resources. Expected global hassle for the little that is left …

At the same time America, according to Farrell, is converted by the sight of democracy in the "anarchy of the super-rich." Capitalists millionaire by virtue of their position may not realize that the crisis of resources will enhance the upcoming shortage and austerity in all countries.

On the "anarchy", add, and not about the oligarchy, Farrell says, perhaps as strong centralized power in the U.S. is unlikely to be probable at the environmental and political catastrophe that awaits every country (and America in particular) with the full lack of resources, their concentration in the hands of the "super-rich" and, accordingly, when the global economic turmoil.

II. … The oppression of mass internal disorders

The Department of Homeland Security United States at one point decided to get hold of a more expansive 750,000,000 cartridges with bullets. This was stated by Jacque Fresco on the website hangthebankers.com (Abridged translation — mixednews.ru) With reference to an article by Paul Joseph Watson's popular on-site resource Alex Jones «Infowars».

Apprehension with regard to the preparation of a probable U.S. federal authorities to massive civilian mess, says friend Watson, rose after the news that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was going to buy another 750 million rounds of ammunition in addition to the 450 million cartridges with expansive bullets that the agency received this year.

We would add: South American doctor John F. Tracy, commenting on the news of the acquisition of DHS 450 million rounds of ammunition, reported, that within 5 years Department awaits further supplies. It turns out that the doctor was accurate, and the Department did not lie.

Not enough: DHS is now asking potential suppliers to make out the possibility of delivery of different types of ammunition, and even those that are capable of penetrating the wall. The total required number of them — more than 750 million rounds of ammunition.

Ammunition purchased as for training purposes. But DHS and does not think to open, which came in handy for such a huge number of them. And what does the men will learn by applying the so massive munitions?

Comrade Watson inclined to think that such large-scale purchases of cartridges are proof of training to the civilian government mess in the U.S..

It is not in vain in the not so long ago leaked to the media Annotations U.S. Army military police for the "Operations with civilian unrest" describes how military resources should be used inside the country and how to kill the Yankees on the ground the U.S. during the massive civilian unrest. For example, on page 20 of this office to act out the rules on the use of lethal force in clashes with dissidents and provides abstract "shoot on sight".

According to the creator, the ability of monetary collapse in the coming months, forces the federal agencies and the U.S. Army to hone their skills on the oppression of domestic violence — in which large-scale, if the European protests over the past two years.

The report of the Institute of Strategic research institute U.S. Army War (dated 2008 yet) directly warns that as a result of a series of crises in the United States may appear massive civilian mess. The report, signed by Lt. Col. Nathan Frey, said: "The widespread civilian unrest inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient values in the latter situation, to protect the basic domestic order and human security." Frey adds that the military may be required to suppress the "purposeful domestic resistance".

In short, the argument P. Watson are not built from scratch and do not look like the usual &q
uot;alarmist" information product.

By the way: the latest announcements from the "great" America gives to realize that not only armed with the Department of Homeland Security.

Citizens of the country, like in the answer, too, started to bulk purchases of firearms and ammunition. The pace of sales has increased significantly in the near future.

Thanks murderer James Holmes ("Joker" shot people in the session "Batman" in the theater, the Aurora, Colorado), Americans flocked en masse in weapon shops. Implementation of firearms in the same Colorado rose: Over the three day or at the end of July 2007 a man came to spetsmagaziny to buy guns (25% more than the average for 2012 and 43% more than the same period the week before the crash).

Such sales growth takes place not only in the state of Colorado. In Seattle, Washington, in the last days are the number of applications for licenses to carry guns nestled increased two-fold. In Florida alone over the past weekend owners of pistols were 2,386 persons (14% more than the same period of the previous week). In Oregon, similar implementations have shown growth of 11% in California arms trade volume grew by 10%. And the FBI has data showing that in June and July, citizens are usually less often only become a tool.

By the way, is very popular among people of the U.S. enjoys a Russian "Saiga".

On the resource «Business Insider» August 15 posted an article by Jeffrey Ingersoll's "The Americans are snapping up" Kalashnikovs "as hot cakes" (translation — mixednews.ru).

"I'll never forget the first — says the creator — that gave me the father of my ex-wife:" Do you want to shoot an AK? "

Well here is not to honor father-in?

It turns out to replenish their home arsenals Americans massively scamper to the "Kalashnikov".

Provides a tool Yankees Russian "Izhmash" to please the orders promptly translated the creation of a military machine on civilian models.

In general, says Ingersoll, it is profitable for American enthusiasts and Russian investors because the existing South American laws banning Chinese imports, virtually "subsidizing" Russian companies. Andrew Kramer's "New York Times" writes that in the United States, "Izhmash" does not interfere with the Privacy konkurentnstyu Chinese, because the federal government forbade the import of most of the Chinese pistols and rifles in 1994

In the U.S., sold "Saiga", the legal civilian version of the AK-47 — automatic, designed for firing single shots. About 70% of the production of "Izhmash", according to Kramer, the current time is in plain clothes tool — Compared with 50% two years back. And about 40% of civilian guns are exported to America.

The history of AA, says the creator of articles — not just a history of violence, and the history of reliability and continuity. Kalashnikov rifle at the views of the Yankees, can be buried in the sand at the beach, and later dig, load them up and shoot. They will work as if nothing happened. That's the reliability. In 2011, the year of the Russian brand "Saiga" increased by 50%.

The last Marine from Tennessee Josh Laura said the newspaper "Times": "I bought the" Saiga ", as it is made in Russia, right next to his older brothers, AK. Neither rifle in the world can compare to this in terms of reliability. "

After all, this is what comes out! If the South American government plans to suppress the massive mess in the South American country instrument, procured by the Department of Homeland Security, then defend against tyrants, rulers and corporate oppressors, and then step on their freedom-loving citizens want … with Russian "Saiga" in his hands. Know comrades Lenin and Stalin that deal with America will rotate until the Macarena, they could be measured pace for the world communist future.

III. Texas … to discontent

In the harsh article "Texas officially warns Obama about civilian war '(«Houston Chronicle» for August 23), looking like an information "bomb", it is about the arbitrator and the main Admin neighborhood of Lubbock County, Texas. Tom Head made for an increase in local taxes: it assures MPs that plainclothes war imminent. In his view, it will follow immediately after the re-election of President Obama.

Therefore, one should, according to his report, prepared for "the worst." This is the "worst" means "civic mess, civilian disobedience" and even, perhaps, a "civil war."

Arbitrator Tom Head and Commissioner Mark Heinrich said that the money for the next year to local tax increment of 1.7%. Growth target — Preparing for the unexpected incidents, including the re-election of Obama. The arbitrator, namely, mentioned that the environment should increase the salaries of employees of the district attorney's office and allocate more funds to pay for sheriff's employees.

In an interview with Tom Head shared with reporters followed his ideas: "He (Obama) will try to transfer the sovereignty of the United States (United Nations) — and what will happen when it happens?" Head answered his own question: "I think it will happen the worst. Civilians mess, civilian disobedience, maybe plainclothes war. " According to him, this is not about a few riots or demonstrations.

Arbitrator finds that the massive mess in Texas yavyatsya suppress the fighters from the United Nations. But the referee is not going to indulge in his home state and the Lubbock County of war: "… So, I get up in front of their armored personnel carrier and say," Man, there's nothing here for you to do. "

The arbitrator, he said, had already talked to the sheriff of the neighborhood and asked: "Are you going to support me?" Sheriff replied, "Yes, I will support you." But the sheriff said that in the future a brand new skirmish is not the place. That's why Hedu and additional funds are needed: in order to train and arm the people, including and most experienced soldiers, war veterans — those that necessarily support the referee, sheriff.

In conclusion, the article states that the tax increase will further $ 832,433.

Need to see that Texas — the state in America special. In 1-x, there is generally strong position of the Republicans. Democrats like Obama is not favor. In-2, both of George W. Bush — came specifically from Texas. The younger Bush has always been distinguished militancy, and now "sick" for Mitt Romney. B-3, Texas at the time of discharge the same famous for its slave-owners, who with Negro slavery is not part lusted after and in 1836 it entered into the constitution. The naming of the slave-owner, General Houston, who fought against Mexico just for the preservation of slavery, called the largest Texas city. Fourth, Texas — the second largest state in the United States (after Alaska), and even oil, because thence judges and sheriffs can unleash the way, is also the case. In addition, in terms of population (23 million-plus people) Texas is second only to California. B-5-x, this staff — The only one in the United States, which has a legitimate right to hold a referendum on the nasty for Washington the question of secession from the United States. Texas flag rises at the same level as the national flag. More than any state in America has no such privileges.

Currently in Texas anxiously. Barack Obama has hitherto popular Mitt Romney, and this is cause for excitement Texas. UN troops who are about to break the boundaries of the state — is subsequent to worry a
bout. Well, sometimes shaken state court disaster and killing.

Not so long ago, local executive authorities executed a half-witted black man who killed a police officer "snitch." Poloumie Marvin Wilson seemed to justify the authorities of the missing, and the "experts" in its opinion referred to the fabrications of fictional characters: Fool Lenny from Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men." "Experts" have decided that Marvin to Lenny "falls short." The scion of Steinbeck, Thomas, was indignant outrage in public court.

Wilson acted like a child, even sucking his thumb in his 20 years. Before execution, the Yankees said goodbye to his family, "Take me home, Jesus. Take me home, Lord. Give mom a hug and tell her that I love her. " This is it said in a matter of seconds before his death.

In Texas, loves the death penalty. Here is an excerpt from the book by R. Dawkins, "George W. Bush — the usual pattern of modern religious rulers. He and others like him angrily defending human life until such time as it is in the embryonic (or terminally unhealthy) state, not hesitating to ban medical research that could save the lives of a large number of people. <…> … Committed by more than a third in the 50 states of executions took place in Texas. And, as we know, Bush ran a huge number of executions in Texas — about one every 9 days — than even any other governor in the state's history. Maybe he was just doing its own duty of the governor and state laws? But then what do you say about a famous journalist reportage CNN en Tucker Carlson? Himself being a supporter of the death penalty, Carlson was still amazed at how "ridiculous" mocked Bush condemned men lady pleaded with the governor to postpone the execution. "Please — sarcastically whine future president, mockingly squeezing in fake despair sponge — do not kill me." (R. Dawkins, The God Delusion. M.: Hummingbirds, 2008. Pp. 409-410).

Not uncommon in Texas and gunfire in the streets. In the middle of August, two were killed and four injured when a 35-year-old Mr. response to a proposal to move out of the apartment police opened fire from automatic weapons. It was the case in the structure of the institute «Texas A & M» in College Station. The exchange of fire was a half an hour, then fatally wounded a police marksman. He died at the clinic.

Militant guys from Texas — like those on the side of power, and those who, for whatever reason against it — in the face of common enemy in the person of Washington, frightening them UN troops, and may merge. If the United States will begin in the massive mess, the referee Tom Head in Texas can lead the movement for the disconnection of the state reeled from the empire.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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