Why wizards for the Kola Peninsula were hunting German and Soviet secret services?


On the eve of the war, under the guise of German geologists, on the Kola Peninsula experts arrived occult organization Ahnenerbe Third Reich. Their goal was the local shamans

For the same shamans while sent expeditions special department of the NKVD of the USSR. And after more than 70 years in the wake of the Soviet and Nazi secret services in the Kola Peninsula an expedition of Professor Ernst Muldasheva.

The aim of the expedition was to find the descendants of the mysterious find — sorcerers and shamans small northern Sami people. It was not easy — the majority were found destroyed in the years of Stalinist repression. As such they could that have been the object of hunting two powerful intelligence agencies? As it turned out during the expedition, is found possessed a rare gift: with a short loud shout-spell they were introduced in the state meryacheniya at the same time lots of people.

Meryachenie, known as the Arctic or North psychosis, transformed into an obedient human robot. In this state, he was ready to fulfill any order. The expedition explored parts of the peninsula, where a large crowd remained seids — stones, similar to the carved images of legendary. Easter. According to legend, by seids Naida made their magical rites. The largest cluster was discovered by the expedition of the Barents Sea. According to legend, there "geologists" Ahnenerbe launched their flying saucers. For their experiments, they tried to use the energy of the spell, which had the sorcerers of the Kola Peninsula.

Members of the expedition spotted the alleged entrance to an underground bunker, which the Germans had mined so that no one could get to the hidden there flying saucers.

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