World oak, planted in 1871 near Kaliningrad, crashed into a hurricane

The hurricane that hit on the night of October 6 at the Kaliningrad region, along with dozens of broken oak trees, planted in 1871 in the sign of the end of the Franco-Prussian War at Konigsberg (modern Kaliningrad), told RIA Novosti the head of Maritime urban settlement Igor Koval.

Oak was planted by the Germans in the late 19th century in the small town of Hall Square Fishhauzen (formerly Primorsk) as a symbol of the end of the Franco-Prussian War. Tree named — "Oak world." In the Soviet years of oak forgotten about him appeared dump. Just last year, a unique tree to notice. It was laid out "Square of Memory" heroes of the Great Patriotic War, which placed the composition of military artifacts — old helmets, machine guns and rifles, found in the ground.

According to Koval, summer during one of the hurricanes oak already broke: then he lost the largest branch, which has shaped crown. Local authorities have tried to strengthen the tree, although I understand that, most likely, the oak will stand "until the first hurricane."

"Saturday night oak broke right at the root. We knew it would happen, we already had a conclusion (that the tree crash.) And we know that the need to remove the tree, but the hand does not rise. Therefore suffered, waited until the last. Oak fell very well, only slightly damaged curbs, fences and benches. We expected much more damage, "- said Koval.

He noted that, according to the members of one of the historical societies of Germany, under the oak roots can is a time capsule for future generations — with a message from those who planted. In the settlement there are enthusiasts who are ready to dig many-root system to find the capsule. However, according to Koval, the data on the possibility of its being here are inaccurate. Also around the oak done landscaping, and indeed the root system is so big that it is very difficult, "excavation".

According to Koval, now in the Square of the memory power put "new Oak world" — year-old oak tree, grown from an acorn.

"And we have and will continue to grow as a new symbol of Primorsk" — said the head of the settlement.

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