Y. Gomonov — Four Russian Vera

In a series of lectures on "Four Faith Russia" Gomonov Y. (Head of the Russian Community of Vedic), talks about the sequence of alternating each other religious systems, which professed the Russian people for thousands of years.

Of these lectures, you will learn how to replace the ancient spiral temples temples came the sun, and then they changed the Temple of the Moon. In returning to the ancient Aryan cults spiral, uniting the cult of the moon and sun worship, the author sees deliverance from the power of the forces acting on the principle of "divide and rule".

We have nothing to be ashamed of their past. In the history of religion, every nation has its dark places. Without this there. It is necessary to clear the past, and not to abandon it. But we refused, believing every foreign crooks that our ancestors were savage and cruel, and their religion was an empty and meaningless. And that they, Overseas messiah, brought us the light of truth, spreading it with unprecedented in human history, ferocity

Part 1


Part 2


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