YSU student removed from the train and interrogated at the border

YSU student Ekaterina Stepanova today taken off the train at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. With the border crossing "Gudogay" it took police and KGB.

20-year-old Catherine returned from Vilnius home for the holidays. According to Ekaterina Stepanova, her passport was taken. For over an hour she was in a room at the border post. Kasia Stepanov said that on December 19 was not in Minsk, and was in Vitebsk, where she worked as an observer at one of the sites (put forward a group of citizens). December 20 student went to Vilnius.

Kasia Stepanov said that she was brought to Ostrovetskiy department of the KGB, which communicated with her security officer. On the reason for her arrest were not told at the border, where they spent 2 hours in any department of the KGB Ostrovetsky. Relatives of the detainees reported only that Catherine will be questioned, "according to the law of the operational-investigative activities."

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