Zvenigorod near Moscow opened a new multipurpose sports complex

April 7, 2012 in Zvenigorod opened a multifunctional complex. Sports Complex area of 15.5 thousand square meters. meters called "Judo Academy."


The three-storey building of the new complex demarcated into zones. In zone A, a sports hall with stands for 2,500 seats and the adjacent warm-up room. In zone B are auxiliary facilities for handball and judo, located on the first and second floors and consisting of separate independent groups to serve the athletes.

Auxiliary facilities for spectators, located on the first and second floors are in zone B. In zone D provides space sports federations, media and VIP-guests, buffet hall with utility room and a management office block sports federations, bathrooms and administrative buildings. In the area of administrative and D are equipped household and industrial space located in the basement.

For the construction of the facility was allocated from the regional budget and treasury Zvenigorod

By the opening of the complex has been dated VI International Judo Tournament among the police, the army and security forces from 14 countries: Austria, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia, Japan.

The organizers of the international tournament were European Judo Union, the International Judo Foundation, the National Union of Veterans Judo, Judo Federation of Russia and Russian sports society "Dynamo".


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