13 immortals


Recently in the Russian frozen thirteenth candidate for immortality. Identity of the person who has decided to survive in a state of cryogenic freezing his own death was not disclosed. We only know that this middle-aged man, who died of a heart attack. Thus in Russia already cryopreserved 13 people, one cat, three dogs and two birds.

Wait for the time when science will be able to revive the frozen, cryopreserved man is in a special storage, situated in the north of the Moscow Region in the village Alabushevo under Zelenograd. Along with him still waiting for the resurrection of the 12 patients: men and women, Muscovites and residents of the regions, the Russians and citizens of neighboring countries.

All of them are still alive made a pact with the only company in the country, providing services for cryopreservation neyrosohranenie the body or head.

By the way, his head variants are possible. Can be stored in liquid nitrogen, the whole head, and you can — just the brain. At the discretion of the client. Freeze until better times body costs 30 thousand dollars a head (brain) — 10000. This is — for now. Prices, according to the company-zamorozchika, is about to change. Preserve the body for several descendants will Waybill. This is new and, accordingly, more expensive equipment. Just now in Alabushevo complete installation huge "thermos" called "Cryostasis-1", which will take patients.

— Not outsource — corrected specialists. — Relocated.

They do not actually believe their patients dead. Although undergo this procedure only in one case: after the legal death. And nothing else.

Speaking of terms. "Freeze", "thermos" — a narrow-minded determination. "Thermos" — a Dewar flask in which the head down in liquid nitrogen placed the body of patients. In this case, people certainly do not freeze in the literal sense, as we freeze food in freezers. After detection of cardiac arrest and death, it is important not only to quickly cool the body, but the "push" the blood to enter into the tissue specific drugs. In particular, the cryoprotective mixture. Otherwise, the resulting ice crystals fatally destroy the cells of the body.

Legends of miraculous cases of freezing and resurrection in the ice-hole in the Arctic ice — no more than a legend. Prepare a person for cryopreservation can only be a professional and if the necessary conditions and materials.

Cool head

According to the director cryonics Danila Medvedev, the economic crisis and a heat wave in Moscow have not affected his patients. Supply disruptions was not, moreover, should not be confused with electrical equipment coolers.

Even if the result of a power outage in the store come "end of the world", it will not affect the temperature of the "thermos"-Dewar. Liquid nitrogen evaporates very slowly for weeks.

Refrigerants in Moscow because of the heat went up twice, but the financial position of the company, according to Medvedev, it is quite stable. Moreover, increasing the cost of cryopreservation on the body, kriospetsialisty promise to reduce prices for neyrosohranenie brain.

Cryopreservation services in Russia are available from autumn 2005. Our newspaper in 2007, has already written about this company. Then the number was frozen four. Over the past three years the number increased to 13, plus a few dozen people signed contracts. Actually sparsely. Especially when you consider that the cost of the service is comparable with elite burials. With that, particularly important in the capital dead, as we have already mentioned, prefer cold: in the graves is now fashionable to install air conditioning. Then — why? Few believe in the possibility of resurrection?

— Not in this case — is convinced Medvedev. — For us it is an innovation, which should be used to it. And cryopreservation in Russia is not positioned as a service for VIPs. We do not organize lavish ceremony, but in our store no marble sarcophagi.

Cryonicists intend to remedy the situation, but it will go its own way. Without marble and Swarovski crystals in liquid nitrogen. There is a creative idea: to create pages of "frozen" in social networks. Combined with reduced prices to maintain brain it can work. The client will …

— The belief that the service is used by only wealthy people — no more than a stereotype — says Medvedev. — Personality disclose I certainly can not, but half of our customers — the people of moderate means, from the regions.

Freeze, Die, Arise

Not only science does not stand still — the needs and imagination of the client, too, go beyond the bounds of possibility. In cryonics say that to him recently increased the number of citizens on various issues nekrionicheskim.

— We have become accustomed to asking people to keep DNA — their or their relatives. There have been inquiries about storing sperm and the fence, for example, before chemotherapy.

And recently, they were asked to keep the body aunts, because of the inheritance which is litigation. Before the end of the proceedings.

A most unusual event occurred this spring. The young woman was tragically killed husband, widow appealed to them to help remove his semen to freeze, and then to conceive and give birth to his child.

Cryonicists attracted biotechnologists who have done similar operations with animals, worked the legal side of things …

Order did not take place: the woman changed her mind. But basically, they say in kriofirme, and that they can be.

As for their traditional services, it is necessary to remember that for the referred 10-30 thousand dollars no promises resurrection. The money — only fee-for-service cryonics storage for a hundred years. After which the contract may be extended for 25 years. And then — by 25, and so an infinite number of times. While the relatives did not take the decision to defrost and dumping the usual way. Who, at whose expense and, most importantly, what will resurrect frozen? The answer to these difficult questions will have to find descendants seekers of eternal life.

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