A kaleidoscope of views on Putins visit to Minsk

As you know, your own first visit zabugorny after the official inauguration of Vladimir Putin made to the Republic of Belarus. Such a move Fishing season was, like, practically speaking, all the steps of Vladimir Putin's perceived by the world community versatile. Most of the Russian and Belarusian people took the first zagranpoezdki Russian president in Belarus as a signal to focus on the real economic and social partnership. During Putin spends Belarus signed an agreement that will begin construction of Russian experts at Ostrovetskaya ultra-modern plant in Grodno region, not counting the President of the Russian Federation confirmed that Belarus will receive the next tranche of the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund in the amount in excess of 400 million dollars. Favorites 2-countries spoke about the creation of the combined company for the production of trucks that will use the production facilities BelAz and Kamaz. Once again, the refinement was carried prices for Russian gas for Belarusian consumers. And these prices for 2012 will remain in the range of 165 dollars per cubic meter of blue fuel (for comparison, the cost of gas in 2011 was 286 dollars per cubic meter). In response to the significant drop in gas prices in Belarus also made concessions in favor of implementing the Russian Federation 50% of the company "Beltransgaz". In social terms outlined a joint celebration of the 200th anniversary of Russian war of 1812. It seemed that everything was productive, quietly and peacefully.

But, as often happens in such a case, once there are those who travel to Minsk, Vladimir Putin began to find some subtext. They say, well, Putin could not just come in Belarus, that really show your accommodation to truly brotherly country, which, by the way, is a Russian state in the Union. The subtext became not just find a little digging earth to find it something with which we could excel to stakeholders.

In this sense, the distinguished representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front party ("Belorussian The People's Front "), which saw the arrival of Vladimir Putin to focus on the growing authoritarianism of the Republic of Belarus. According to the deputy chairman of the PNP sovereign Lyalkova as are Putin and Lukashenko since the latter immediately manifested a desire to strengthen the political repression and aggressively pursue dissidents. Allegedly, this Putin as a bad influence on the Belarusian president, apparently because the same "PNFisty" so violently happy when one of the Belarusian bridges captured a banner with neprelichnym expression in the address Putin. But this stretch or removed before it could behold Russian President, or just now Putin's statements such as not to frighten, but the fact remains that this meeting of the Presidents trick clouded obviously was not.

Regarding the visit of Russian favorite in Minsk and the West came to life. Well, of course, without the West in matters of Russian-Belarusian cooperation? .. There's something even better than our people knows what should be the case between Belarusians and Russians …
Fellow "Voice of America" Donald Jensen went even further than Ming Lyalkov opposition and accused Putin that he has permitted himself to make the West face. Jensen motivates their judgment as follows: Vladimir Putin, did not go to the summit at Camp David, where he was touted as Barack Obama, but instead it went to the "last European dictator," Lukashenko that, in the views of Donald Jensen is a demonstration of the slope to authoritarianism and RF. It would be interesting to ask, why is a similar maxims Jess does not apply to other Western favorites, which do not even disdain in his time a bit if not to kiss on the lips with the same Muammar Gaddafi? Yes there again just unfortunate double standards that Western politicians and journalists use only their own interests.

Managed to speak about Putin's trip to Minsk and the main opposition "hero" of Russian reality Garry Kasparov. His expression is now very popular particularly in the west (the most, essssessssno free) press. In his own interview with The Wall Street Journal Garry said that Putin has made its own first visit outside in, quote, "an illegitimate dictatorship of Belarus." Our homeland, in his opinion, has long ceased to be profitable U.S. strategic than Garry Kasparov seems to be hinting that this "unfavorably" Americans should have to do something. Apparently, after the defeat in the 3 tournaments in a row in 2001, with Harry Kimovich all his personal troubles usually associated with the name of Vladimir Fishing season. Well, if the stereotype grandmaster formed, then fight him (the stereotype) would not be easy, that Garry us and shows in the near future.
Not counting the "brotherhood of dictators' opposition and Western journalists have seen in a meeting of Russian and Belarusian presidents of the Russian Federation to pick up a sample for themselves the Belarusian industry. Say, do not expect anything from these Russian decent. Putin, he says, will do everything in order to squeeze the last drop of Belarusians and turn the country into some Belarus, Russia.
But, I'm sorry, but this view — is no one more aria with significantly overexposed and jammed the western plate, which is called the "double standards" with the caption "Play often and to a place, and out of place." Why is our homeland forging mutually beneficial partnerships with its neighbors, the coming — this expansion and financial occupation as soon do the same U.S. or the European Union, it is — a form of democratic cooperation. Is it in this case does not fall in the "occupation" dependence on the world bank the same Greeks or the Portuguese? Is unchanged credits in the address of Georgia — it is not the policy of buying profitable policy to solve their own problems with the West?

And if so, to find reasons for faultfinding can be any number, because everything is ordinary people in Belarus and in Russia understands that all these shots — nothing else as a test of our ability to prevent a real convergence of 2-brotherly peoples. How to say: we have them in the early 90's cut to the quick, and they are again willing to splice — and there is not as advocates of "earnest democracy" can break into song. But here's the implementation of these songs more false — the soul does not take …

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