A Russian in Latvia still wins

We are for the Russian language!  Photo: obozrevatel.comCompany "Native language" offers duplicate street names in Latvian Daugavpils in Russian. 'That would be a manifestation of respect for the residents and their native language"- Believe it.

The society is willing to assume the costs for production and placement of additional panels with the names of the streets. Willingness to fund the project made known several entrepreneurs. They also note that in addition to the Russian language can duplicate street names on signs Latgalian.

In Daugavpilssky thought have not been able to say when it would consider the proposal, citing the fact that the matter has not been discussed with the chairman of the City Duma Jeanne Kulakova, "Interfax".

In Daugavpils in Latvia took place in February 18 referendum, 85% of residents voted to make Russian a second state language. According to recent reports, this large cities are more than one hundred thousand people, of which about 64 thousand — Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian.

In Latvia, Latgale language is a kind of Latvian. At the same time, some scientists believe Latgalian separate language.

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