A secret underground cities Hyperborean

Now, thanks largely to the literature, fantasy, well known to all such creatures as gnomes — little people who live in underground cities and do not really like to meet people. I guess all of us as children read books that tell about the mysterious little people.

And here is the time to remember the famous saying: "The Tale — a lie, so it hint." It turns out that there are facts that prove that for centuries there were mysterious underground city, where the people lived, gone underground because of some natural disaster or bloody wars with obviously superior forces. "Chud" went to stone ", it is buried. In the evenings, it's inside the mountain speaks "(VI Nemirovich-Danchenko," The country is cold "). In the legends of India speaks of the underground city of Shambhala, Agartha, home to the holy men who know the future. Theory of the so-called hollow Earth in ancient times stood Plato.

"Chud left the ground"

The Ural and Altai locals still are legends about the "Tschudi Ferruginous" or "divih people." They retell the artist and philosopher Nicholas Roerich (who wrote, by the way, the painting "Chud left the ground") in the book "The Heart of Asia": that once lived in these parts high black people, versed in the arts and sciences, laid many cities, but after learning of the approach of the "white" people have gone underground

Ancient "beginning chronicle of Nestor" is interesting in this passage: "In sorrow (overlooking the Gulf of the Sea) prosecheno small little window, and from there they say, but do not understand their language (living in the mountain), but show on iron and waving their hands. Asked iron. And if someone gives them a knife or ax, they give in return fur … The path to those mountains impassable because of the precipices, snow, forest, and therefore do not always reach them (the inhabitants). "

Ethnographers in 1928 recorded a story resident of the Urals, "Divya people live in the Ural Mountains, the outputs are in the world through the caves. Culture … they have the greatest, and the light from them in the mountains better than the sun. "

There is such a legend and the inhabitants of Karelia, the Komi people and the Nenets. "The Nenets are many legends that were on the ground sihirti. They lived in a cave, in caves and hunting out only at night, secretly using gear daily, real people — Nenets "(V. Ledkov," Month of small dark "). However, in the Nenets legends underground inhabitants undersized, but here are the same features such as dark skin, possession of secret knowledge and skills. Similar stories are found in almost all northern peoples of Russia. Recall the more myths Sami: they believe that Chud lives under the water, and there it is owned by the city and graze her herd of sea animals — seals, walruses and dolphins.

We will not talk in this article about the numerous and sometimes frightening Irish, British, German and other European legends of the "underground narodtsem", but they are similar to the traditions of our country. And that alone suggests their real basis.

But whether these are true legend? Maybe they should be treated as local folklore as the beautiful fairy tale?

So many facts in favor of the "white-eyed Chud" — not a mythical people, it does exist, apparently, somehow adapted to life underground. Recorded the stories of people who met with people from the mysterious people. Russian scientist A. Schrenk talked to many Samoyeds, and that's what he told one of them: "One day, — he continued — one Nenets (ie Samoyed), digging a hole at a certain hill, he saw the cave in which they lived Sirte. One of them said to him: "Leave us alone, we have the sunny light that illuminates your country, and we love the darkness prevailing in our dungeon …".

Often stray hunters and fishermen found a high white-haired old man who leads them to a safe place and then disappears. Locals call it the White Old Man and is considered one of the underground inhabitants, occasionally emerging to the surface.

Descendants of the legendary Hyperborean

So what is it for the people — "Chud ferruginous", "Divya people", "SIRT"? Why do they avoid contact with ordinary, "ground" people?

The explanation seems to present itself in the light of new research and discoveries! In ancient times, there was in the north of the huge country Hyperborea, mentioned in the works of ancient authors (Plutarch, Diodorus of Sicily, etc.). Due to popular then in those parts relatively warm climate Hyperborean life was pleasant, and they dedicate its arts and sciences, which reached an unprecedented perfection (which is their ability to fly through the air!).

But about ten thousand years ago there was an unprecedented catastrophe in its effects, recorded in the traditions of the world. Due to the tilt of the Earth axis Arctida mainland, located at the pole, ceased to exist, and climate change: the sun had disappeared, came the polar night. The Chinese treatise "Huaynantszy" is described as: "Firmament broke, earth Ves broken. Sky tilted to the north-west. The sun and the stars moved. Land on the south-east was incomplete, so the water and mud rushed there … "By the way, now, many researchers of the Arctic Ocean and the bottom of it from different countries unanimously that the Mendeleev Ridge and the University, staying under water now, it is 10-20 millennia ago, the land that speaks in favor of the Arctis.

Surviving Hyperboreans and their descendants, the Aryans, began to settle further south, develop Taimyr, Kola Peninsula, Scandinavia. With climate change, they migrated farther and farther to the south. Modern researchers have put forward the theory that they had reached India and started a remarkable civilization. "Avesta" and "Rigveda", ancient literary monuments of India, therefore, considered to be the surviving treasures of ancient knowledge Hyperborean their ancestral home, "Aryan homeland was once bright beautiful country, but an evil demon sent down to her cold and snow, which began to hit its annual ten months. On the advice of the gods … people left there forever "(" Avesta ").

But what Hyperboreans (incidentally, our and your ancestors!) Reached Siberia, is undeniable. A cold comes — to survive, had to build a vast underground city, using his extensive knowledge and advanced technology. Most likely, they did not plan to live there forever, intended only to obtain warming, not wanting to go far from their ancestral homeland, Hyperborea. But climate change has already been established and is not going to …

A person can in principle live underground (take the underground cities CC), going from time to time on the surface, and extensive underground cave cities are found throughout the world. Let us remember another opinion Tsiolkovsky, in the future people will be in the form of energy fields, not the material body. Most likely, far removed from us along an underground civilization has long adopted a similar look.

It's no wonder they say that Chud has the ability to live in two worlds at the same time, "that" and "it", and at critical moments just goes to another, parallel world. This explains the fact that up to now documented evidence of meetings with her or pictures do not exist. A whole group of American scientists today believe that the entrances to the underground world of scattered around the world, but — that's bad luck! — They are in the fourth dimension, and only occasionally open to the uninitiated.

Probably gone underground people actively mastered mining and metallurgy — knowingly portrayed in Russian folklore tales of copper, gold and silver kingdom. And the famous tales of PP Bazhov Mistress of Copper Mountain written largely from the words of the old-timers of the Ural-miners, describing in great secrecy his meetings with people from the "mountain people." There are a lot of stories about treasure Tschudi, enchanted special spells and inaccessible avid fan of easy money.

Incidentally, the name Tschudi — "white-eyed" — most likely, says that these people, after a long stay underground, genetically mutated, people acquired photophobia and poor pigmentation of the iris. This, incidentally, explains their dislike of sunlight and out to the surface at dusk and at night.

According to one hypothesis, megaliths, dolmens, mazes and various ancient cyclopean structures indicate exactly where the entrance to the underworld. Of course, the average person just does not go there — but the ancient priests and sorcerers, probably with the help of special rituals were able to penetrate into the earth in the form of subtle energy clusters and communicate with the local wise men, getting them advice …

Alien Version

There is an opinion — and he has a certain adherents — that the Earth's interior does not live no Chud, and … aliens. It's as if they put their military bases there, and often fly to the surface to learn more about the Earth and its inhabitants. This accounts for the fact that so far no one has found the alien base on the surface of the Earth. Not for nothing that Hitler at the end of World War II has sent quite a serious scientific expedition in search of the entrance to the underground "parallel" world, wanting to hide it from retribution.

Among the Yakut nomads go stories about the "iron den" deep underground. According to those who have been there, the walls of the tunnel breathe warmth, and the premises are of various metals, among them — a huge red pot with sharp edges. They also say that the hidden underground metal pipe from which sometimes escapes fire. There seemed to be living a giant alien from heaven, "yielding disease and rushing fire balls."

It is known that in 1976, Japanese scientists used high-tech equipment follow in order as about 20 "plates", arriving from space down over Antarctica and … disappeared. Today, many researchers tend to believe that one of the main underground bases aliens lies beneath Antarctica and their safe guarded.

Well, actually, why not assume that the so-called aliens living in the bowels of the earth, and there are descendants of Hyperboreans, well ahead of us in their development? Then everything is easily explained.

The sensational discovery of the day, "All this is interesting — tell the reader — and found it still at least one underground city? So I believe that this is not fiction! "

Found, and no one! In Siberia, a Tomsk, there is an ancient extensive network of underground tunnels and caves, clearly man-made origin. Novgorodtsev scholar Nicholas writes: "The fact that the dungeon is more common in the city of Tomsk and, therefore, do not have to do with its history, confirmed by the presence of extensive underground tunnels in Jurg hundreds of miles south of Tomsk, and their presence in the village of Gar … 70 km north of Tomsk. " Scientist defends the theory that modern Tomsk was built on the site of the ancient city Grasiony (Grustiny), partly located underground. These caves are in Irkutsk and Khabarovsk.

Near the town of Nikolaev on the Black Sea in 1956 was discovered ancient underground city, and on the walls of rooms were inscriptions in an unknown language.

Everyone knows about the Kiev Caves, which are now used by the monks. But the caves were dug long before Christianity …

Not so long ago wrote about the opening of a mountain town in Saransk (city Narovchat, Penza region on the border with Mordovia). The remains of craft slobodok and other buildings, local residents say that inside there is a subterranean lake with stone benches along to admire the beauty of the landscape … Investigations are ongoing and promise a lot of surprises.

The area by the river in the Volga region known Bear fans mysterious numerous anomalous phenomena and ancient maze of tunnels branching, which for several years trying to get the researchers.

Around Staraya Ladoga there is "a lot of unexplored caves and underground tunnels, one of them even laid under Volkhov. Modern hydrogeologists deny even the possibility of building a principled something similar in the past (due to lack of engineering skills and appropriate technology). But because the system of underground shelters and tunnels could be much earlier in Hyperborean times when the level of development was quite different "(V. Nazarov," Mysterious Russian Mesopotamia "). Several deviating from the topic, let's say that the legend says, as if in one of the dungeons are Ladoga and secret grave Rurik in gold coffin.

In Asia Minor, in a place deep well in the second half of the last century also discovered the underground city, with a population, it is estimated, more than 20,000 people. The city was prepared for a possible reflection of the enemy: the passages covered the 600 granite doors.

Recently, a well-known researcher and ophthalmologist E. Muldashev and his expedition in the Altai, where residents showed them the hole, according to legend, leading to the underworld, and told story about the Land of the Red Khan. In this country, the sun always shines inside and splashing water inland sea, where the water is yellow. That is where the souls of people to appear before the High Court, which is determined by the posthumous fate.

Norbert Custer in the book "My Life underground" writes: "It seems that the whole planet is assumed and flies, all furrowed sea and little remained unopened on the surface, but under the ground is still very much unexplored, and you can try to unlock the mysteries of the unknown underground world , the mystery of "white spots", "undiscovered lands. '" And with that, his opinion according to many modern scholars, enthusiasts, who devoted their lives to the study of the Underworld.

Reservation that too curious people who have no experience in caving and not equipped with special equipment, you should not rush into the caves and tunnels in search of "the country of happiness" or "elixir of immortality" — especially their own. Too dangerous dark dungeons, too great a risk: inexperienced traveler await collapses, numerous dead-end passages, the ancient "traps" and — most importantly — the clash with supernatural phenomena that frighten even seasoned researchers. Many are the ghosts and strange plasma balls, someone covers inexplicable horror, and often out of the ground heard a strange rumble, like the sound of running powerful technique.

Will Chud from the ground?

An old legend says, "Do not ever gone Chud. When he returns happy time and people come from Belovodye and give the people of the great science, then come again Chud, with all mined treasures. "

Belovodye — again, an area of the White Sea, the area of the legendary Hyperborea, where these days are a lot of ancient settlements, and household items. Who knows, maybe one day actually "humans" and "underground people" to establish contact? How far would step then science and technology!

Now people in the majority of such contact is not ready, need hundreds of years of tireless spiritual development, work on yourself. For communication with higher forces even six little, not even the traditional five senses — requires the development of cosmic consciousness. But I believe in the fact that some people today are almost equal to communicate with those who are the majority, with a mixture of fear and curiosity, calls "chudyu"


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