A wounded bear came for help, and he was killed

A wounded bear came for help, and he was killedMaritime students would have to meet with an angry wounded bear, if not for a vacation. This huge predator entered the local school Novonezhino village at Christmas, smashing one of the windows. He was killed by a police officer.

Spokesman of the regional police department said: "On Friday, January 7, at 14.30 local time, a duty officer of the police Shkotovo district received an alarm message: through the window of the first floor to the school in the village Novonezhino entered a bear. At the scene immediately was sent armed investigative team. "

Taiga guest immediately rushed to the police, and the police precinct Major Valery Malyshev had to fire his service weapon to defend themselves from it. But until then the beast pretty ruffled policeman tore his clothes and shoes.

On examination, a huge brown bear was found that he was severely malnourished, wounded and limping on the left front paw. The policeman says, "Maybe the bear podranok came to the village for help. We were hoping to find a common language with him and part amicably. Even treats in store. But the beast behaved aggressively, had to shoot. Other option we had. Well, that none of the people in the village did not suffer. "

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