About 12 centimeters of snow could fall in Moscow a day

About 12 centimeters of snow could fall in Moscow a dayMunicipal services in Moscow ready for the next snowfall, the next day in the city could fall to 12 centimeters of snow, said Friday the deputy mayor of the capital for Housing and Public Works Pyotr Biryukov at the daily briefing at City Hall.

Earlier, he noted that this winter in Moscow of snow fell by 30% more than in previous years. If the statistics of recent years, the city fell out of 60-65 centimeters of snow, in this winter — is 90 centimeters.

Starting from the end of December last year due to freezing rain and snow on the roofs of buildings in Moscow permanently formed icicles and snowpack on roads and sidewalks — ice and snow drifts, creating inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists.

"As for the cleaning of roads, the snow has been removed, but now the situation is that in the next day another 12 centimeters of snow could fall," — said Biryukov.

He added that about 90% of roofs in Moscow cleared of snow and ice, utilities continue to operate in continuous mode.

"Services are prepared, with the prefects all issues negotiated," — he said.

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