Alien Secrets of the Earth

The minimum amount of knowledge about a particular subject, makes us more likely to give up the belief in its importance than deepen and systematize knowledge that can lift the veil of secrecy. In extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth regularly, believe a few, but to deny the fact that UFOs not only exist, but also serves to humanity some signals, at least not prudently

Today, almost every developed and developing country, there are special services designed to explore strange objects that are increasing over the major cities and towns and modest settlements. Details of these studies are held in the strictest confidence and are not meant for the masses.

Governments in many countries are spending huge sums to understand the nature of these beings and protect their state from harm, which may carry the "uninvited guests."

For the average person who has no deep knowledge in the field of history, astronomy, and the cosmos, this goal seems to be, at least, absurd, but the employees of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, under the patronage of the Federal Government of the United States of America, are the problem is much more serious.

Numerous satellites launched into orbit, have the task of not only monitor the processes taking place in the world, their aim is also to commit alien objects and ways of eliminating them. Yes, yes, do not be surprised reportedly voiced by senior officials of NASA, such actions do take place.

On combating alien beings who, by the way (again, application UFO) in space is pretty much talking is not accidental, in an environment of so-called "knowledgeable" people who are also committed to a confirmed analysts, There is well-established belief that aliens more than once visited Earth and even managed to transform humanity.

The grounds for such conclusions do abound, especially evident to those who are fond of ancient history and is well acquainted with the development of ancient civilizations, all sorts of myths about the gods and has knowledge in the field of religion.

At the site of modern Pakistan and Iraq six millennia ago the ancient Sumerians civilization existed, it is this period of time, many scientists call coming to earth alien creatures. Mythological literature, petroglyphs and other factors suggest that creatures from outer space have visited our planet and opened earthlings many secrets that have made their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Cave paintings suggest that representatives of other planets possess extensive knowledge, it is possible that even the modern humanity has not reached the level of development and technological progress, which the aliens had six thousand years ago.

Graphic images on the stones show extraterrestrial beings in the form of reptiles and snakes, which are mythological legends have always been intelligent and highly developed beings.

However, the inhabitants of the cosmos not only took care of, and distributed power for humanity, but also transformed it through genetic crosses with people. Hybrids of men and gods (this in some detail, though a bit romantic, told Greek myths) were elected rulers on earth, and were called "Nephilim."

However, according to some scholars of the Nephilim disagree, someone presents them as a ten giants, the purpose of which to manage people and to devastating wars, while others believe that the Nephilim — is the evil spirits, designed to combine the world of gods and men, in this If space aliens (by the way, this assumption seems to be true as well communicate with any spirits mediums and wizards, performing rituals and extracting specific information.)

In general, according to the researchers, the cosmic beings somehow had power over mankind, there is even a hypothesis that they gave to their descendants and earth (naturally selected and genetically similar to them) power over other people.

Since most secret and mysterious organization on the planet is Freemasonry, it was her and was given the unspoken communication with extraterrestrial beings. Even in a case like UFO Masons are ahead of the rest.

There is even a rather controversial, but, meanwhile, voiced the idea that Bush, a member of the secret Masonic lodge, sent troops to Iraq, not for political reasons and universal, but only in order to get the ancient Sumerian statues, stored in Baghdad Museum, which was successfully done.

In general, to believe in a similar version of the Americans and the Iraqi opposition or not, to deal with each individual, but the very fact that such an idea has appeared, at least deserve to hear it.

However, we continue the story of aliens …

Even the "henchmen of the Cosmos" on Earth, if they do exist, can not boast that they have unlimited power. These creatures are just a small speck of cosmic matter in comparison with the enormity of the universe. Guides their actions, the so-called Universal government regulates all processes in the universe.

Those flying objects that periodically appear in the sky above our cities and towns — nothing like alien beings, designed to control the lives of humans. Often they give people the encrypted signals, for example in the form of strange spiral icon shown in the margin. Unfortunately, people have not been able to solve the clues and find the aliens that the secret hiding space, but one thing is clear, we are not alone in the universe.

Americans, has always been self-confidence and militancy, try to protect themselves from the presence of aliens and destroy them even on the approach to the Earth and other nationalities in awe waiting for their appearance, in the hope the answer to the most fascinating mysteries of our time. Which position is the most correct time will tell …

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