Aliens are interested in Crimea


Valeria Peresypkina

In the sky above the largest city of the Crimea — Simferopol frequent UFO sightings. Since the beginning of the year is not seen glowing unidentified objects of various shapes: triangle, cigar, oval. They move silently, and sometimes hangs over some high-rise building or yard.

"Reports of UFOs in the Crimea did not uncommon — the expert and researcher on the issue of UFOs and extraterrestrial life Anatoly Alexandrov. — We constantly seek krymchane with sensational statements and checking them for accuracy every time I am convinced that flying over Ai-Petri in Baydarskaya valley over Sevastopol and Simferopol UFO — an objective reality. It seems that the aliens "registered" in the Crimea for a long time and, to our knowledge, even in the mountains have their underground bases and ground landing sites. " What attracts aliens on the peninsula, it is difficult to say. Perhaps, like many humans, they look after their place under the sun and in a hurry to grab a piece of valuable Crimean land.

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