Along with the dinosaurs lived giants

In 1850, American archaeologist D, Carter opened in San Diego in the street Tbhasskoy stoyamku ancient inhabitants of America, whose age is 80-90 thousand years were studied hundreds of items belonging to the people of that time, but the scientist was only ridiculed and scientists, mopoveduyuschimi official version

Then in 1953, he held a grand excavation n the same place, and invited hundreds of scientists, including those known to participate in the recovery and study findings. All refused. Carter wrote on this subject: "The State University of San Diego refused to see the finds that were found in his own backyard."

By the way, in our country, and the time one mention of these findings could be interpreted as undermining the foundations. One can only assume that we have found and kept a lot of interesting things. Here are some facts, in 1961 in Siberia, near the river Gornoaltayska Utalinka scientists A. Okladnikov and A Ragozhin found many advanced tools Age finds Polhora defined them in two million years.

In 1984 he ventured to declare another Soviet scientist, Yuri Molchanov, found identical tools on the Lena River, near the village of Urlak Potassium-argon and magnesium methods of age determination on the 'walker confirmed the date of creating' two million years ago. These findings demonstrate the extraordinary antiquity of modern man, and does not fall within the prevailing and science concepts.

There saidetepstva that sobremenny man existed in the period even earlier example, in California (Pacific pobvrvzhv USA) found the skeleton is very similar to a modern human skeleton age of this discovery is defined by experts in the five million years of human skeletons found in Portugal and France, their dating from 5 to 25 million years. In "1860 near Kstenedolo (Italy) Professor Ragozin. Experienced geologist discovered skull" reasonable person "in the layer relating to the Pliocene (7.2 million years age).

All living things leave traces of man is not an exception in Antwerp found a footprint on the frozen mud, the age of which is 4 million years old in 1979, archaeologist Feely found in Tanzania, and the frozen about four million years ago, volcanic lava, lots of foot prints of a human foot study the most highly qualified professionals showed that these prints are not different from footprints of modern humans. Clearly visible traces of man, which, according to Darwin, while m can exist. As you know, all the apes and ape-like humanoid toes much longer than modern humans, so some anthropologists immediately declared that it was just some kind of humanoid marched with clenched fingers Probably to make fun of his slow-witted children.

In Turkmenistan, Soviet scientists discovered a fossilized imprint of a human foot, his dating — 150 million years old 'In the current view, is the period of the Mesozoic, that is the time when dinosaurs suscheotvovali Does man was their contemporary.

The answer to this question is found in the annals of archeology mystery man and dinosaurs — close, it appears this may be quite close to the "Turkmen" next man found three-toed dinosaur footprints.

Soviet scientists have evidence that this is a consequence of a human foot is not enough, although the dinosaur tracks they do not doubt, of course, is not enough, if we assume that the history was not the case when people have hunted dinosaur — we may add from myself

But back to the trail near Carson, Nevada (USA) in the sandstone is found not just a bare foot print, but a whole set of footprints These prints are clear and precise and leave no doubt that this human footprints, but the length of the foot is 51 centimeters! The age of the find is defined in the 213 — 248 million years old.

It is not difficult to guess that these sweet vayutsya clearly not in the existing ideas of what we can clearly see, if we do not believe my eyes, and read the publication "loyal" anthropologists dedicated to this discovery, "The size of the prints. Especially long distance between the chains left and right tracks, is proof that they were not left people "

In fact, this is precisely what would be evidence if anthropologists no longer hide the evidence of the existence in the history of 3-and 5-meter giant people, the mention of which are contained in the epics of all nations "and Megatropy Gigantopithecus — written by representatives of the" traditional " Anthropology is chelovekoobraanye monkeys huge growth, the remains of which are sometimes found in Southeast Asia and elsewhere. This blind, no completed branch of evolution "Having a fossil anthropoid creatures fully confirmed by various experts.

How can you deny ochenidnoe

Will call his witnesses huge megaliths of Stonehenge (England) or, for example, a copper ax from the cemetery in Ohio (USA) 'length of 36.5 cm, weight — 38 pounds. Or a huge stone ax, found stuck in the ground in Birchwood, Wisconsin, and exposed to eight collections Historical Society of Missouri, length 73 cm, width 36.5 cm, and weight-300 pounds. Or discovered by Soviet researchers on ancient man on the Yenisei River punched a giant bull with a shovel stuck into her weighty horn tip.

These findings may indicate that the giant people could well be our ancestors and coexist with the giant animals living n? Earth may be that the time will come, and we still recognize that the Earth is a lot of evidence that it was inhabited by giants

Anatoly Vasiliev

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