America, with a height of 3 — 4 series (Florida, Colorado) watch online

America, with a height of 3 - 4 series (Florida, Colorado) watch online
3 Florida series / Florida

Florida — this coast, burnt by the sun, it's feral wetlands. Here bloodthirsty predators lurk their prey. It is a land of swamps and cool colored shores. 10 of millions of tourists every year, from the athletes to the stars, including those who arrive at the privat aircraft. But it is here that the drug mafia is flourishing, bringing millions in one of the best entertainment and specifically in Florida catastrophically died a famous Italian fashion designer. Florida once inhabited the island one of the most powerful tribes of America. In Florida, the European conquerors founded the first settlement. All this you will see a bird's eye view.

4 Colorado series / Colorado

Get ready for adventure, rugged mountains over the state, which can brag one of the highest peaks, large sand dune and naikrupneyshey brewery in America. Colorado lure searchers acute senses, every year, music lovers, fans of skiing and sports fans vorachivayutsya here. But it is also a government with 13,000 years of history, marked by the war, the gold rush and the famous bank robberies. Despite all this, Colorado remains prazdnichkom eye, fairly inspiring hymn "America beautiful. "

Borough world

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