Announcement: What is Belarus in 2011?

What will be the echo of the Society of the presidential election and the "bloody Sunday" on Dec. 19? What tests are waiting for the Belarusian economy? What will be the relations between Belarus and the West and the East?
Their projections in the program "Prague accent" offer political scientists Alexei Pikulik and Vitaly Silitski.

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And now we offer you the pieces of gear.

Silitski: We're going to live a long time about political prisoners … The authorities feared that the company has ceased to be afraid of it … People who came to the area — it's mostly middle-class … Trends that have found these elections, enough to scare the power and turn the liberalization, but not enough to win it … These days after the 19th brought to the forefront of new community leaders, such as Daria Katkovskaya, Sergey and Helena Semeniuk Tonkacheva …

Pikulik: I think the short "freezing" after a month and a half will go if you do not thaw, the

in returning to the status quo … Among the politically active people radykalizavalisya even the most moderate, but for most it went unnoticed … On this election take the power first went people who really wanted to take her … In 2011, Belarus will be a strong pro-Russian force, which will not be controlled by Lukashenko.

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