Antarctica 1947 First Great Mystery of ufology

…"Fighting" with such a widespread phenomenon as UFO pointless and even silly — with equal success can be at every corner yelling that there is no God. However, more or less seriously studying the history of ufology itself, you can easily come across a rather curious thing that with some effort, can lead to the discovery of the secrets of a different order, but are never advertised in the world press …

After all, UFOlogy, unlike many other sciences and even most pseudosciences his own subject for study, as it is strange now to say no, and that it is similar to the very real myth. Considered for studying some completely imperceptible to the human imagination, even UFOs more or less serious researcher would simply unreasonable (* 30). For the most part the matter is in something completely different. In search of ANOTHER we should decide on a unique historical experiment and observe where the whole ufology would eventually make.

Any version … to explain the appearance of a massive UFO was in America and it is from 1947 and remain only versions, not backed by any strong evidence. Of course, it is possible to take seriously the favorite hypothesis of UFO world, that the U.S. military simply entered into an agreement with the aliens in the hope of still pull out those "hoarders" (aliens) at least some technical information to create a super-weapon against the anti-Christ, the Bolsheviks. .. But then the same hypothesis will have to apply in respect of one sixth of the land, that is, the Soviet Union, not to mention the rest of the world, and this in itself determines the undoubted ability of total collusion of all the rulers of the world is not so much against others, but against their own people. The hypothesis is crumbling before our eyes, as the following, a really Wailing about the same concealment of the same "flying disc" by the same military of the same people … but without the collusion of the government with the aliens, and, as they say, "for the sake of peace in the world", I mean "… global peace global ruling class regardless of any ideological (and religious) differences, because any ideology (as and religion) — this is the end all in just a different way to drink more juice with the general population of the world without experiencing any particular material or moral discomfort "(Soltz R." History of mythology. "

And here again there are questions, and again they are not any clear answers, except those responses screams UFO-debunkers. Many ufologists probably know that "American Hero" by Kenneth Arnold — is not the first Americans who watched the "flying saucers" in all their glory and effect. In the early 60's heritage ufologists are excerpts from the diary of the famous American polar explorer Richard Byrd, who at the beginning of 1947 led to a major expedition to the eastern shores of Antarctica. And now, people in the know say that in this very blog, but in another, and still-classified site Baird allegedly said that during one of his reconnaissance flights over the ice desert of the Sixth Continent's alleged forced to land … strange aircraft, "… it seems — I quote from the book of English ufologist Winston Flammelya — on flat BRITISH HELMETS!" That describes Admiral Richard Byrd, just uncomfortable for him to repeat, because this will not believe even children. But in any case it is clear that even if a long list of "observations" to exclude a "misunderstanding" that occurred February 25, 1942 over Los Angeles ("Battle of Los Angeles"), the chronology of the "undeniable sightings" is simple, as a damn egg — the first American classic "flying saucer" saw the Admiral Richard Byrd, and this was not on America, namely the six continents.

But with this, then the incident and should generally start all the stories on the history of UFOs.


Expedition of Admiral Byrd

Background to the story begins, as it were, in "prehistoric" times. Many knowledgeable experts argue that there is directly involved some "ancient high culture" — a word magic, occultism and other palmistry. More "mundane" researchers begin counting from later dates, and specifically that way from the year 1945, when the captains of the two internment in Argentine ports Nazi submarines told to "accept" their U.S. intelligence services, which at the end of the war they supposedly perform some special flights on Purchasing Nazi Shangri-la (* 31) — the mysterious Nazi base in Antarctica.

The U.S. military command has apprehended this information is so serious that decided to tell off in search of the database itself, which the Germans called the "New Swabia" (* 32), a fleet led by the most qualified its polar explorer — Rear-Admiral Richard Baird. This was the fourth Antarctic expedition celebrated admiral, but, unlike the first three, it is entirely funded by the U.S. Navy, which determined the absolute privacy of its objectives and results. The expedition was part of escort carrier "Casablanca", converted from a high-speed transport, and which was based on 18 aircraft and 7 helicopters (helicopters to call them did not turn to the language — a very imperfect aircraft with limited range and extremely low survivability), and more 12 ships, which housed more than four thousand people. The whole operation was codenamed — "High jump» («High Jump»), on a plan that was supposed to symbolize the Admiral last and final blow to the aspiring Third Reich in the ice of Antarctica … (Official of the expedition in English can be read at this address)

So, the 4th expedition of Admiral Byrd, camouflaged so impressive for the simple civilized expedition fleet, February 1, 1947 landed in Antarctica in Queen Maud Land and began a detailed study of the territory adjacent to the ocean. This month was about 50,000 photos, or more precisely — 49,563 (data taken from the geophysical annual "Brooker Cast", Chicago). Aerial survey covered 60% target Byrd territory, the researchers have discovered and mapped several previously unknown mountain plateau and established a polar station. But after a while the suddenly ceased, and the expedition returned to America urgently.

More than a year no one had absolutely no idea about the real causes of such hasty "escape" by Richard Byrd from Antarctica, in fact, no one in the world at that time had no idea that at the beginning of March 1947 the expedition had to engage in a real battle with the enemy whose presence in the area of their research allegedly did not expect. Since his return to the U.S. mission was surrounded by a thick veil of secrecy, which was not surrounded by a single scientific expedition of this kind, but some of the most cunning newspaper people still managed to find out that the squadron returned Baird is not at full strength — off the coast of Antarctica, it claims lost at least one ship, 13 aircraft and about forty of cash … Sensation in one word!

And this is the most sensational properly was "framed" and has taken its rightful place in the pages of the popular Belgian magazine "Frei" (* 33), and then was reprinted West German "Demestish" and has found new life in the West German "Brizant" ( * 34). A Charles Lagerfeld informed the public that the return from the Antarctic, Admiral Byrd gave a lengthy explanation for a secret meeting prezdentskoy Special Commission in Washington, and a summary of it was this: the ships and aircraft of the Fourth Antarctic expedition were attacked … strange "flying saucer", which "… emerges from the water, and moving with great speed, and inflicted considerable damage on the expedition."

In the opinion of Admiral Byrd, these amazing flying machines must have been made on concealed deep in the Antarctic ice Nazi aircraft industries, designers have mastered some unknown energy, used in engines of these vehicles … Above all, Baird said the following dignitaries:

"The United States must quickly take protective action against enemy fighters engaged on departures from the polar regions. In the case of a new war America can be subject to attack an enemy that has the ability to fly from one pole to another with incredible speed! "

So, we clearly see that the "flying saucers" appeared for the first time it is in Antarctica, and then some of the documents not in any way related to the UFO problem, most direct our attention to the fact that it was at a time when the ships Admiral Byrd anchored in the Lazarev Sea off the coast of the icy Queen Maud Land, there were already … and Soviet warships!

All domestic … encyclopedias and reference books written about that capitalist countries began to divide among themselves Antarctica long before the Second World War. How successful it is they came out, can be judged from the fact that the Soviet government, concerned about the agility of British and Norwegians in the "study" of the southern polar latitudes, in January 1939, said an official protest to the governments of these countries due to the fact that their Antarctic expedition "… engaged in unreasonable land is divided into sectors, which once opened by Russian explorers and navigators …" When the British and Norwegians, soon bogged down in battles of World War II, was not up to Antarctica, these notes were sent to neutral for the time being but no less aggressive, in his view, the United States and Japan.

New twist of a devastating war, soon engulfed half the world, the time to stop this debate. But only for a time. Eighteen months after the end of hostilities in the Pacific in the hands of the Soviet military were the most detailed aerial photography data the coast of Queen Maud Land, from the Cape seals and ending with the Gulf of Lutzow-Holm — and that as many as 3,500 kilometers in a straight line! Few knowledgeable and still claim that these data Russian simply taken away from the Germans after the war, which, as you know, a year before the Polish campaign in 1939 carried out two large-scale Antarctic expedition.

Russian did not deny it, but to share their booty with other stakeholders, has flatly refused, citing "national interests." After a hasty "flight" Byrd expedition, designed no less than an 8-month stay in the harsh conditions of the low latitudes, and therefore equipped beyond measure, America urgently began informal talks with the governments of Argentina, Chile, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and France. In addition, in the States themselves begins gently, but persistent campaign in the press. In one of the central American magazines — "Foreign Affairs", the former Minister-Counsellor to the USSR George Kennan, who had just left the emergency Moscow "for consultations with his government," published an article in which very clearly stated the idea of "the need for early organizing resistance enormously grown ambitions Soviets, who after the successful end of the war with Germany and Japan in a hurry to take advantage of its military and political victory for planting harmful ideas of communism not only in Eastern Europe and China, but also in the far … Antarctica! "

In response to this statement, as it bore the character of an official White House policy, Stalin unveiled his own memorandum on the political regime of Antarctica, where quite strongly praised the intentions of the U.S. ruling elite "… to deprive the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the legitimate rights based on the findings in this part of the world the Russian navigators made at the beginning of XIX century … "At the same time have been some other steps, symbolizing protest inconvenient to Stalin politics Americans regarding Antarctica. A measure of the property and the results of these measures can at least by the fact that after a while Truman's Secretary of State — James F. Byrnes, speaking always, as you know, for the most severe sanctions against the Soviet Union, all of a sudden went into early retirement, clearly constrained by this Truman. Byrnes' last words on the state office were:

"Damned Russian okazaloc not frighten. In this issue (ie the Antarctica), they won. "

The brouhaha over six continents quickly subsided after the Soviet Union supported Argentina and France. Truman, after thinking over the balance of forces created in the region, reluctantly, but it has agreed to the participation of Stalin at the International Conference on Antarctica, which is scheduled to be held in Washington, but said that if the contract is equal to the presence of all interested countries will be signed, then he must include such an important point, as the demilitarization of Antarctica and a ban on its territory of any military activity until the store at the Antarctic bases of weapons, including nuclear, and the development of the raw materials needed to create any kind of weapons were should be banned, too …

However, all these preliminary agreements — front side of the coin, its obverse, so to speak. Returning to the failed expedition of Admiral Byrd, it should be noted that in January 1947 the Lazarev Sea water is officially Furrow Soviet research vessel belonging to, of course, the Department of Defense, under the name "Glory." However, in a number of its researchers found documents eloquently testify that in those rough for the fate of the world during the coast of Queen Maud Land ramble is not alone in "Glory." After reviewing this information and combining it with data, to appear in the press in different times of history, we can quite reasonably assume that the fleet of Admiral Richard Byrd opposed the well-equipped and managed by competent polar admirals … Antarctic Fleet of the USSR!

"Flying Dutchman" of the Soviet Navy

Strange as it seems, but until very recently, for some reason, few people paid attention to the fact that in the Soviet press, little attention is given by our compatriots of Antarctic exploration is in the 40's — early 50's. The quantity and quality of specific documents of the time, open to the outside public, too, especially the variety does not spoil. All information on this exhausted by some common phrases such as "Antarctica — the country of the penguins and the eternal ice, it will certainly need to learn and learn to understand the many geophysical processes occurring in other parts of the world", more like slogans than message. About the success of foreign states in studying of this "country penguins" written as if it were at least Enterprise CIA or the Pentagon, in any case, complete information of the press to any interested independent expert enthusiast, not clothed with great confidence in the Soviet government, get failed.

However, in the archives of Western intelligence agencies, which "worked" at the time, many Soviet and Polish spies, which in our time wanted to write his own memoirs, to find documents that shed light on some aspects of the first official (most semi-official disguised as a study of fishing conditions in the Antarctic) Soviet Antarctic Expedition 1946-47, GG, arrived in the Queen Maud Land in diesel eletrohode "Glory." The light suddenly surfaced such famous names as Papanin Krenkel, Fedorov, Vodop'yanov, Mazuruk, Kamanin, Liapidevskii, the first of this seven — Rear Admiral (almost marshal!) And the last four — full generals, and the generals did not anyhow which ("the court" so to speak), and glorified concrete actions and beloved by the entire Soviet people, polar pilots (* 35).

Official historiography claims that the first Soviet Antarctic stations were established only in the early 50's, but the CIA possessed quite different data, which for some reason is not fully declassified and still. Let ufologists around the world in one voice insists that Rear Admiral Richard Byrd in 1947, has suffered significant losses on some mysterious "flying saucers" made Nazi technology mythical aliens, but we now have every reason to believe U.S. aircraft that fought back the exact same aircraft made by these same, that American technology! But this — a little later.

Studying some aspects of Russian history navy, at some point, you can run into a rather interesting things concerning certain ships of the Soviet Navy, in particular — the Pacific Fleet, which, although they were considered as part of this most of the fleet, but since 1945 the waters of the "metropolis" appear so rare that there is quite a legitimate question about the places of their true home. For the first time raised the issue "on the board" in 1996 in the anthology "Shipbuilding in the USSR," the famous writer and seascapes from Sevastopol Arkady Zattets. It was about three destroyers Project 45 — "High", "important" and "impressive." Destroyers were built in 1945, with the trophy of technologies used in the design of their Japanese destroyers like "Fubuki", intended for swimming in the harsh conditions of northern and Arctic seas.

"… Over the many facts of a very short life of these ships — wrote Zattets — over half a century is impenetrable veil of silence. None of the experts in the history of the domestic fleet, and none of the known collectors of naval pictures no (!) Pictures or diagrams, where the ships would have been depicted in running form. Moreover, in the CSA (Central State Archives), the Navy has no documents (for example, the act of expulsion from the Navy), confirming the fact of service. Meanwhile, in the domestic and foreign naval literature (as public, that is, the popular and official) refers to the enrollment of these ships in the Pacific Fleet …

Project 45 destroyers, which was later names "High", "important" and "impressive", were built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the factory 199, completed and tested at the factory 202 in Vladivostok. In combat they entered the fleet in January-June 1945, but in the fighting against Japan (in August of the same year), no did not participate. In December 1945, all three ships were taken on a brief visit to Qingdao and Chefoo (China) … And then begin continuous puzzle.

According to anecdotal evidence (in need of unconditional inspection) found out the following. In February 1946, the plant 202 for three new destroyers began work as designed for the conversion of 45-bis — strengthening the housing and installation of additional equipment for sailing in difficult conditions at high latitudes. Destroyer "High" were altered keel design to provide increased stability for "important" to have been dismantled nose turret and instead set a hangar for four seaplanes and catapult. There is a version (also needs to be tested) that the destroyer "impressive" during tests of captured German rocket complex KR-1 (rocket ship) sank a ship towing a target — a former captured Japanese destroyer "Suzuki" type "Fubuki". According to unconfirmed reports, again in June 1946, all three destroyers were minor repairs, but in quite a different side of the world — the Argentine naval base in Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego. Then one of the destroyers, accompanied by a submarine (many researchers believe that it was the K-103, commanded by the famous "ace of the Northern Fleet submarine" AG Cherkasova) allegedly seen off the coast of the French island of Kerguelen Islands, located in the southern part of the Indian Ocean .. .

Around the activity of these three destroyers circulating and still circulate a variety of rumors, however, the rumors are always rumors and just stayed. As can be seen from the middle of 1945, all related to the history of this division, "The Flying Dutchman" Soviet Navy imprecise, vague, uncertain … There is no reliable picture of any of these ships, even though they were based at Vladivostok, where in all the years (even the ones!) There was no shortage of willing to capture on film the ship, but still realistic images, "High", "the most important" and "impressive" we do not. In contrast to this fact there is an example from the destroyer project 46-bis (modernized version of the draft 45) "Steadfast" and "Bold", who were in the building and were enrolled in the Pacific Fleet destroyers almost simultaneously with the project 45-bis, and soon after were photographed from different angles, and all documentation is kept on them … the project, the 45-bis — complete silence and obscurity. If the mid 1945 these ships was not. Only 5 of the journal "Naval History" for 1993 in a pretty good article by A. Autograph dedicated to post-war domestic projects destroyers in three lines (again — loosely) refer to a mysterious Trinity …

We hope that the veterans are still alive of those ships, or people who worked for them during the refurbishment and modernization works at the Vladivostok plant. And perhaps one of connoisseurs and history buffs will be able to tell the Navy anything extra on the fate of the destroyers, revealing thus the silence, which makes one think that there is a reason this is the curtain … "

Since the introduction in the light of this article, more than five years, but has not received Arkady Zattets, contrary to expectations, no message, with which he hoped to lift the veil of secrecy over these "Flying Dutchman," as he put it, our Navy . But in his article, he was silent about the main — as he himself admitted at a meeting with another connoisseur of the history of the domestic fleet — Vladimir Rybin (author of the anthology "Russian and Soviet Navy in combat"), it has long been visited idea to approach the problem from a different side: start by studying the so-called "Antarctic Program," in the USSR, which began to implement immediately after the Second World War. When Rybin Zattetsu showed some documents relating to the operations of the Stalinist secret Navy, he agreed with him that all three destroyers could easily go into the so-called 5th Fleet of the USSR — Antarctic. And the best candidate for the post of the commander of this fleet than Rear Admiral (Hero of the Soviet Union, the Doctor of Geographical Sciences, a member of the party KDC) Ivan D. Papanin savvy Stalin was simply impossible to find …


Without dwelling on the biography of the famous (legendary) Soviet polar explorer, you should pay attention to the interest the important fact that all persons appearing in the secret documents regarding exciting us unofficial Soviet (Stalinist) Expedition 1946-47 GG got their generals insignia was in 1946, just before the transoceanic expedition to the South Pole (the exception is Vodopyanov, demoted from the generals back in the 41st for the failure of strategic bombing of Berlin, but received its full five years) — it only emphasizes the importance of this expedition Stalin personally. What is needed in remote Antarctica Stalin after the war — that is another matter, the study of which we will soon begin, but for sure these needs are no less important than the American president Harry Truman, who sent in a similar campaign of its own Arctic wolf — Rear Admiral Richard Byrd. If someone wants to believe that the American fleet was defeated in this campaign from some "unknown forces" it is easier to assume that these "unknown forces" were just navy Papanin.

It is well known that the research station on the banks of Lazarev Queen Maud Land was founded by our explorers in 1951, but this is only the official point of view, and to know the truth for a long time, very few people were supposed to. In 1951 Papanin was in Moscow, where he was awarded a major government award for exactly known what merit and honorable and responsible post of the chief of a department of the USSR Academy of Sciences — Department of Marine expeditionary operations, and this post, by the way, is much more important than that Papanin which held until 1946 as chief of the NSRA: you can perfectly understand that in his new role Ivan Dmitrievich had the great opportunity to compete with all the intelligence in the world — under him was virtually the entire naval intelligence USSR.

This post could "buy" the only such Service to "the party and the people," what could boast a few — Marshal Zhukov, for example. Papanin but, unlike the legendary marshal had not spent a single day on the front, while the number in the armed forces, Admiral. Meanwhile, he had to win only one in the history of the battle between the Soviet Navy and the U.S. Navy at the beginning clearly outlined the "cold war" and thus not lead to a new world war. And it happened just in the beginning of March 1947 to the 70th parallel near secretly he founded a Soviet naval base, which was later called "Lazarus" and in all the world of the references it as "research" …

Eight years ago, the publisher "Hydromet" were published in the memories of a Vladimir Kuznetsov, a member of the first Soviet Antarctic inspection under the auspices of the USSR State Committee for Hydrometeorology, performed in the 1990 inspection raid on all Antarctic research stations in order to check the implementation of Article 7 of the International Treaty on Antarctica. The chapter describes the visit of the Soviet Novolazarevskaya (former Lazarian) has the following lines:

"… Schirmacher Oasis, where Novolazarevskaya — narrow string of icy hills, similar to the camel humps. In the depressions between the hills — many small lakes, on a sunny day reflecting serene at first Antarctic sky. Novolazarevskaya, I think, the most intimate and the most populated of all of our stations in Antarctica. Sturdy stone buildings on concrete piles is picturesquely situated on the brown hills and delight the eye with their phantasmagorical coloring. The houses are very warm. In addition to diesel, the energy is given numerous windmills. Wintering here about four in the summer — up to a thousand or more, many with families. The station is equipped with a beautiful airport — the oldest airfield in Antarctica and the only one with the band with a metallic coating and concrete hangar parking. On a rocky hill, located between two lakes, especially krupnh — cemetery explorers. It has long been written off rover "Penguin", driven naughty mechanic on top of the hill, a monument, which is even depicted on a postage stamp. I went up the hill. According to the memorial cemetery not inferior to many of the world famous cemetery, Novodevichy, for example, or even Arlington. I was surprised to see the grave of pilot Chilingarov poured into concrete pedestal four-bladed propeller and the burial date: March 1, 1947. But my questions remain unanswered — Novolazarevskaya current leadership has no idea about the activities of the station in the distant year. This, apparently, is a thing of the historians … "

Kuznetsov certainly was right — this thing historians. But his book was published more than ten years ago, and none of these same historians have not bothered to explain to the world exactly what to do in the beginning of 1947, four-bladed propeller in Antarctica, "clearly belonged to Soviet aircraft." As it was established later, the propeller, "clearly belonged to Soviet aircraft", was an American production company "Bell." Along the way this turned out that Captain A. Chilingarov during World War II he served in the Air Division ferry, which is the delivery to the Soviet-German front aircraft at the American Lend-Lease Act (* 36). The commander of the division itself was already known polar — Air Force Col. IP Mazuruk, and this division served the longest and most difficult in the world of aviation route ALSIB (short for Alaska — Siberia).


Of all the aircraft, supplied by the Americans during the war in the Soviet Union, a four-propeller by "Bell" was equipped with only one type of aircraft — it was a fighter of the same firm P-63 "Kingkobra." "Kingkobra", in contrast to the more famous, though less than perfect "Airacobra" Americans made exclusively for the Soviet order and according to Soviet specifications. Not surprisingly, the Americans have always considered the P-63 "Russian planes" since most of the "circulation" of the aircraft settled in the USSR (for service in America he never was not accepted due to the presence of the U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft of similar types — "Mustang", "Le Corsaire" and several others). With a very high speed, long range and decent practical ceiling, R-63 was a great interceptor, but because by the time the supply is clearly a war coming to an end, that no machine of this type on the front did not get — Stalin shore these fighters for the other cases. "Kingkobry" in the words of one of the memoirs of the time, could become a major reserve of Stalin in case of unpredictable changes in the military-political situation and the war the United States. They were equipped with all parts of the Soviet air defense — qualities of all in service in the Soviet Union fighter only "Kingkobra" could "get" in the sky, the main U.S. strategic bombers — B-29 "Superfortress". Thus, by 1947 the 2,500 P-63 fighters at the hands of Stalin, were on full alert. Naturally, these aircraft participated in all the overt and covert operations of the Soviet Air Force, held at the time and one of them was just the first Soviet Antarctic Expedition under Admiral Papanin.

As you know anyone interested, "Kingkobra" could not be better suited to a "work" in even the most complex and difficult weather conditions, including polarity. During the war, everything P-63 were flown under its own power for ALSIB (from the U.S. to the USSR), and all of this difficult route length of more than five thousand kilometers (excluding flights to the Bering Strait over the territory of Alaska), distilled in 2500 in autumn 1944 th — Spring 1945 aircraft our pilots had been lost only 7 pieces — just a phenomenal rate, given that other types of aircraft on the way to the front was lost much more. That the difficulties encountered over peregonschika immense Siberian expanses, is more like this time of year for ice deserts of Antarctica, one can imagine from the memories of the AI Mazuruk. Here are his words, taken from a book of memoirs, published in 1976:

"In December 1944, driven me a group of 15" Kingkobr "due to the fact that the destination aerodrome Seimchan closed mist, had to sit on the ice of the Kolyma River at the village of Zyrianka … Thermometer-53 * Celsius, and the heaters have, of course, was not. But in the morning the whole group safely flew aircraft mechanic by the A-20 leader Gennady Sultanov, who called for help from local residents. All night the adults Zyryanka stoked with wood iron stoves installed under "Kingkobrami" covered with large pieces of canvas. Later the same Sultanov invented emergency use to quickly warm ordinary squib … "

By the way, the Americans did not think ever. However, they had their heaters factory production, in addition to each of their aircraft, unlike us, had literally ten technicians and mechanics, each of which serves a specific piece of equipment. Almost all set in the USSR "Kingkobry" were equipped with radio compass, significantly easier to navigate at night and in clouds, and in 1945 began to receive options, equipped with search radar, which allowed not only to fly "blind", but also to go to targets in 50-70 miles over the horizon, and some devices, signals a surprise attack from behind. Improved engine starting system has greatly expanded the range of "operating temperature", and an oxygen mask KM-10 domestic production allows pilots feel great at altitudes up to 16 km (16 miles — the theoretical limit, practical — 12 km, which in the circumstances was also fine) .

So, we'll definitely can see that "Kingkobra" if not ideal combat aircraft for the Antarctic theater, in any case, the fittest of the many others that existed at that time in the world. In any case, Stalin, according to most informed historians, the best there was before the commissioning of the MiG-15 jet. Given the wealth of experience of the famous Mazuruk in polar affairs in general and successful operation "Kingkobry" in the most severe conditions of Chukotka and Siberia in particular, we can safely assume that in 1946 this "man and a hero," received from the hands of Joseph Stalin the rank of general, commanded a very effective system of defense of the then Soviet Antarctic military base in Queen Maud Land.

"Antarctic" ally STALIN

Now, when we make something clear with air defense, can go back to our mysterious destroyers upgraded series of 45-bis, which, according to unconfirmed, however, the data were not equipped for sailing in high latitudes (ie the Arctic ), and in most of these low (Antarctica). As mentioned, the destroyer "High" completely redesigned keel design to improve stability — at Rybin there is evidence that such revisions were the other two ships. Given the fact that such a complex modernization will never pass any pre-war Stalinist Navy ship, was preparing to swim in the Arctic, but the experience of a successful modernization began to be used on almost all vehicles intended to be created in the Soviet Union after the war STRATEGIC ocean fleet, it can be quite reasonable to assume that the destroyers "High", "important" and "impressive" were prepared for combat on the approaches is to Antarctica!

… As you know, some ideas of possible agreements on the status of world powers in Antarctica began to arise in the minds of politicians in the early 50's, and the contract, which had a real effect on the demilitarization of the continent, was signed only in 1959 .. . Prior to that time, each doing around the South Pole than just wanted. In his claim to own a piece of the coast of Antarctica, the Soviet Union was not alone — Stalin unexpectedly States fully supported by France and Argentina.

As for France, there is nothing particularly surprising. Regardless of the identity of this country to the so-called capitalist camp, at that point in her government does ran the Communists, led by Maurice Thorez, and even when subsequently significantly curtailed the rights of Communists, the French relations with the Soviets still remained if not chummy, we trust — in any case. In order to realize this fact, it is sufficient to note that when in 1966 (even after two full years after the death of Tereza — permanent member of parliament), France withdrew from NATO, Lyndon Johnson, in a private conversation with his Special Assistant for National Security Affairs M. Bundy said the following:

"Despite all the disadvantages, in this story there is still one point: now our military secrets that we shared with these French people, cease to fall straight to the Russian …"

Interesting in this detail: in the immediate vicinity of the Queen Maud Land in Antarctica is owned by a group of French islands — Kerguelen, Crozet and Saint Paul. All of the islands are uninhabited, and the last among others are very comfortable with the calm waters of the bay, is the best fit for parking ocean ships. After the war, both the Americans and the British have repeatedly appealed to De Gaulle to the proposal to provide them with the islands to build military bases, but the Communists, firmly entrenched in the French Provisional Government, and later in the newly formed government of the Fourth Republic, the proposals rejected outright (* 37 ). Officially known, does its part such proposals Joseph Stalin, the Soviet ships but until his death in 53-m very often can be observed in various French naval bases around the world, and especially in Haiphong, on New Caledonia and Caribbean. So no wonder we do not find in that report that in 1946, one of the new destroyers "Antarctic Navy USSR" was observed in the waters of the French island of Kerguelen …

With the Argentina case, Stalin situation was not the worst, if not the best. Having settled during the war years with the dominance of the economy all the people hated the British monopolies, Argentine leaders felt that the government's position is so stable, and its influence on the processes taking place in the world is so strong that it could easily spend quite independent policy in the U.S.. Contrary to the warnings of the Truman, the newly elected President of Argentina, Juan Peron with great fanfare, and without any regard for Washington to Moscow sent its best diplomats and ambassadors, restored with the Soviet Union severed "in prehistoric times" diplomatic relations. Immediately after this act, as if all had been agreed in advance, in the Land of the Soviets poured millions of tonnes of Argentine wheat, cotton, and an important strategic raw material in the form of much-needed time Stalin tungsten and beryllium ores (* 38). General Peron successfully applied a favorite method of U.S. rulers 'divide and rule': as a purely capitalist, and even a kind of imperialist power (* 39), the Argentines with the maximum benefit for himself used the main contradictions between the USA and the USSR, and good relations with Stalin for them at that time were much more important than the arrogant condescending benevolence of Americans in the face of that Truman. In exchange for the Soviet Navy ships some of its sub-Antarctic bases are, in particular, have received from the Soviet government to deny the tacit guarantee hiding from persecution in their territory many Nazi criminals who by today, to rough and too conservative estimates, put the war in the Argentine economy of more than 30 (tridtsati!) billion (out of funds looted by Hitler in occupied Europe).

"Flying saucers" and Admiral Byrd

So, somehow, we finally figured out the Soviet military presence in Antarctica at the turn of the 46/47 years, and now it is time to deal with the presence of the U.S.. Personality U.S. Admiral Richard Byrd in the U.S. has the same meaning as in the USSR — the identity Papanin. Enough just to say that Byrd — a man for the first time in the world officially reached the two poles in the air — and the North and the South (in 1926 and 1929, respectively) (* 40). During his long and productive life, surely this eminent polar explorer, led six expeditions to the poles — two and four to the North to the South, and almost all of them came to an end more than successful, judging by the triumphant official American press, especially the third Antarctic (1939 — 41 years), when the pilot managed to make Baird detailed maps of almost the whole of West Antarctica. But when he set out to accomplish the same thing with the Eastern Antarctic, he failed. Judging by the sensational reports nosy newsmen of the "yellow press", in late February, the 47th in the illustrious admiral Antarctica someone well "slapped on the jug", as well as those who did this to him, for some reason, wanted to stay unknown, here and got out into the world very popular among UFO fraternity version of the alien presence — the renowned polar air group of aces Richard Byrd waged resistance mysterious "flying saucers." Of course, the official explanation of the case, Admiral wisely abstained, but he did not think to deny that there was about it in the press — a rare thing, especially given how jealously "American Papanin" took his fame and all that accompanied her.

First, the public domain are the words of Richard Byrd, where he gave a lengthy explanation at the meeting of the Presidential Commission to urgently set up, and the words in a sensational article, published in the journal "Fray", were as follows:

"Termination of the expedition was due to the actions of enemy aircraft …"

And only then is given a much higher quote about the need to resist the Americans some incomprehensible enemy, had an uncanny "flying saucer" …

"The Navy of the United States in World War II showed the world their very high moral and fighting qualities — pathetically screams" Frey "in the end — but there are battles that just can not win!" After the death of Byrd, which occurred in 1957 year in Indianapolis from prosaic infarction were published some pages of the diary of Admiral. The American magazine "San" leads even alleged facsimile image of one of the pages of the text on which it follows that during the expedition in 1947 the plane on which Byrd flew to the ice patrol, forced to land "flying saucers." When Admiral out of the plane, allegedly walked up to him, blue-eyed blonde, who in broken English sent an appeal to the U.S. government to … stop nuclear testing! The stranger, who was from a secret Nazi German colony in Antarctica, Byrd invited along. What was seen on Admiral specifically known, but some "very competent" sources say that after the meeting between the Nazi colony and the U.S. government signed a wide-ranging agreement on the exchange of advanced German technology to the U.S. raw materials.

This is very interesting and exciting the minds and hearts of all interested now. If such a "contract" and was actually "signed", as the all-knowing "Sun", and these mythical "Antarctic Germans" and actually had something to offer Americans, in what manner, it is asked, Americans these same technologies eventually used? Why do over half a century since the "contact" is not built at least one lying around most, if not flying to escape velocity from pole to pole, and not capable of "emerges out of the water," but at least in some ways superior to modern aircraft "flying saucer"?

For some of the "most qualified" UFO problem with the answer to this question does not exist. Antarctic "flying saucers" are directly linked up with the "Roswell incident" and "Arnold's vision." But that's the nature of this connection, alas, they do not explain in any way — no one ever. Yet the essence of this can and should be explained, but it will have to first understand yourself some more important and interesting things.

Hitler and Occultism

There is quite common in some circles and persistently cultivated in these circles weight version that Hitler was exposed to all sorts of mystical moods and promoted in Germany, all of the occult sciences, which allegedly created the so-called "German Society for the study of ancient history and heritage of the German ancestors "but in common -" Annenerbe. "

Company "Annenerbe" was established in 1933 and was designed to explore all that concerned the spirit, deeds, traditions and the distinguishing features and heritage of "Indo-Germanic Nordic race." In 1937, "Annenerbe" fully take in hand SS chief Heinrich Himmler, and from then to the activities of the company were involved in many top-notch university academics who are more or less the Nazis were keen on ideas. With the help of these scientists society began excavations in different parts of the world — in Norway, the Middle East, Tibet — the Nazis persistently sought out their "roots", which clearly could prove a claim the German race to dominate the world, as allegedly demanded by Himmler Hitler . (* 41).

Hitler, however, despite his alleged aspirations in this area, in fact, was far from the whole mystical fuss. He never thought of Himmler's attempts to find these non-existent "roots" in earnest. In his post-war memoirs, the former Minister of the arms (and before that — the chief architect of the Third Reich), Albert Speer literally brings up thoughts about the Fuhrer Himmler research.

"- Preposterous! — Speer, Hitler once said indignantly. — At last we managed to get in an era that is leaving behind every myth and the idiot (a reference to Himmler) starts all over again! Why, they ask, we produce new religion to ridicule other nations? We banal Church, at least, there is at least some traditions! And the thought that I once counted among the "saints" Himmler's SS throws in horror! Just imagine … Yes I am in a coffin OVER! "(Favored Adolf Hitler. 1996. Serrus T).

However, the influence on the actions and the actions of Himmler, Hitler was no longer able — very important wheel in the complex mechanism of the device III Reich was Reichsführer. Hitler had just closed on a passion of his subordinate's eyes, occasionally exposing toxic ridicule his "myth-making" activity, but when the war started, then quite withdrawn from the solution of many domestic issues. Employment chief in more important matters on the battlefield unleashed Himmler hands.

By the time of the attack on the USSR "Annenerbe" includes under its authority over fifty academic institutions whose activities are coordinated by Professor Kurt Wurst, a man who, according to Schellenberg, was "… the famous scientist fixers of all time, posing as a recognized expert ancient religious texts … "At the Nuremberg trials, when the case was heard executives' Annenerbe" (those, of course, the few who, for whatever reasons not completely understood not managed to escape to Argentina and other "friendly" countries and into the hands of the Allies ), it was found that by the end of the war through the channels of the organization in an unknown direction away huge sums of money — something about 50 billion gold Reichsmarks. When investigators tried to find the assistant Wurst — Reinhard Zuhelya on what had been spent specifically these fantastic money, the one pretending to be "the guy out of it," repeated just something about Shambhala and Agartha … (* 42). What are these most Shambala and Agartha, some of the most enlightened investigators in principle was clear, but it remained unclear what, what specifically related to these rather vague things could have gold Reichsmark … Zuhelya did not "talk" to the end of his life, which came in very strange circumstances a year later.

Official sources say that the early spring of 1945 Hitler, after some heavy thinking was approved previously developed his assistants-occultists project plan "Valkyrie", providing shelter the most valuable, secret, esoteric character with relics of the Third Reich. Among the most prized items allegedly Hitler himself was an ancient spear, now known as the "Spear of Longinus Cassius' (a spear, according to legend, stable, was made 5000 years ago from a meteorite belonged at different times of King Solomon, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne Napoleon Bonaparte, and in addition to them was killed on the cross by Jesus Christ (* 43)). Professor Brian Tsetius, author of "The Encyclopedia of the occult world," claimed that Hitler really believed that by assigning "Spear of Longinus" in his hands was the key to world domination. So it is, or is not, but some are more or less competent investigators have reason to believe that Hitler himself here at all to do with it (* 44).

… As mentioned, all of the problems for the Study of the German race "slung" on himself exclusively Himmler, whose imagination was Pobol than many other leaders of the Reich. At the antics of the "Hussars" from the coffers of the state left a very important amount of money, and Hitler liked it less and less, especially since the study of Himmler (the results) almost completely failed to meet its optimistic statements about the significance of the German people in world history. In another conversation with the same Speer, Hitler once again noticed this time sarcastically:

"Not only us, the Romans built their gigantic constructions when our ancestors lived in primitive huts … so even Himmler ordered dig these clay village and comes to idiotic delight at the sight of every potsherd and each stone ax, which managed to dig up! , We only show the world that the stone hurled darts and danced around the fire as the savages, while Greece and Rome were already at the highest stage of its cultural development … We have every reason to keep quiet about our past, and Himmler ringing about it for the whole world, without understanding what a disservice has all the German people. I can imagine what a contemptuous laugh cause these revelations in a Roman Mussolini! "

In 1938 … the all-powerful Himmler manages to win over the Reich Marshal Goering, Admiral Raeder, and even some people in the high leadership of the Reich in order to obtain consent from Hitler to send a large expedition to Antarctica. There is a theory that Professor Wurst Himmler convinced that Antarctica — this is required by all scientists of the world of the legendary Atlantis, who was the original home of the whole Aryan race. Unclear how Hitler succeeded in fisted wring funds for this expensive stock, but in the spring of 1938 went to Antarctica first Nazi expedition under Captain Adolf Ritscher — former Chief 3rd Operations Division Intelligence Admiral Canaris.

About Admiral Canaris and his intelligence (the Abwehr) written much, but almost no one ever gave values of his involvement in attempts to Hitler (Himmler) "colonize" Antarctica. However, many declassified materials in recent years indicate that the sad end of Admiral spy was predetermined is it too high awareness in some cases it was Himmler's secret, and to a large extent, "the secrets of the Antarctic." While returning after the first campaign Ritscher reported to that "fulfill the mission entrusted to him by none other than himself Marshal Goering", "hardware" of the expedition took the Canaries is (* 45). Many researchers sober in his numerous writings admitted afterwards that could not find a more or less reasonable (yet technically competent) explanation of the interest that was shown by heads of Germany before the Second World War, to this distant and lifeless area of the globe, although interest This was surprisingly exceptional (* 46). But for some reason they stubbornly avoided reasons interests that guided the Americans themselves, sending the same Antarctica at the same time their own expeditions. Admiral Byrd's third expedition, for example, held "without delay" in West Antarctica, set itself, as we know, the problem statement of American sovereignty over the Weddell Sea located in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Marie Byrd Land, where a few years earlier, the same were Baird discovered huge deposits of coal.

As you know, the Americans in the history of Antarctica have not taken a single ton of coal, the Germans, he also was not interested (Saar coal basin, seized by Hitler in 1935 under the pretext deremilitarizatsii, with interest is provided all the needs of the Reich in the form of fuel and even exported to some other countries). But the German "researchers" in 1938-39 so hastily engaged in "joining" the multi-kilometer thick ice-covered areas to their distant Reich, and it actually looks far too suspicious.

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